Camp Trainings Help Take the Fun Outdoors

Ask any girl what their favorite thing about Girl Scouts is and you may very likely hear her enthusiastically say, “camping!”

We hear you, Girl Scouts! Venturing into the great outdoors is important for girls in every aspect. It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for your physical and mental well-being. It’s only a matter of time before girls and parents will be asking, “When are we going camping?”

But what if you don’t know much about camping? What’s it all about anyway?

You’re in luck – there’s a class for that!

If you want to take your troop camping in an outdoor camping unit (i.e. permatent, tent, etc.) then Camping 102 is the class for you. Girl Scout volunteer Joy Alderson has coordinated the training for two years and encourages all leaders to take the training.

“People come to the training not knowing all the new things they will learn,” Joy said. “But by the time we’re done they are always glad they came.”

As the mother of two daughters Joy became a troop leader and stayed in that role for 21 years. When she was finally ready for a new challenge she knew training adults about camping was the perfect fit for her. She is an avid camper and has always loved nature.

“I grew up in Girl Scouts. My mother was my leader. Then I was a leader for my daughters. My love of nature definitely came from Girl Scouts,” Joy said. It was the natural next move for Joy who helped our council revise the Camping 102 training.

The eight hour course teaches safety information, knots, outdoor cooking methods, dishwashing, tent care, camp clean up and more. Another training option is to stay overnight. Joy encourages all attendees to do this because more in depth camping information is covered.

Recent training class learning to build a campfire

Recent training class learning to build a campfire

Recent training class learning to cook on the campfire

Recent training class learning to cook on the campfire

It won’t be long before registrations open for 2015 camping adventures. Why not attend a training now so you’ll be ready to take your troop camping next spring or summer. Camping 101 is an online course you can take any time and will qualify you to take your troop camping in a building. You can also register for Camping 102 courses if you plan to take your troop camping in an outdoor unit.

Let’s give Girl Scouts what they’re asking for – let’s take the fun outdoors!

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