Successful Product Sales Lead to Fun Camping Trip

Girl Scout Troop 7178 from Topeka, Kansas had had an exceptional year when it came to product sales. When you have an exceptional year in product sales you get to do exceptional things with the money you earn!

While the girls earned several incentives individually, including gift cards to Build-A-Bear and Claires and a digital camera, they came together to decide what activities they would do as a troop. One of their ideas was a troop camp out at Camp Daisy Hindman. On September 26 and 27, the girls and troop leaders headed out to Camp Daisy for two days full of activities and one night of fun!

We caught up with the girls while they were at archery, taking aim and trying to pop balloons pinned to the target. They were a little sluggish moving around because they stayed up fairly late having a camp “slumber party” they said! Some of their favorite activities were geocaching, hiking, archery and playing at the spray ground.

This past year the girls worked out a cookie sale system that helped increase their sales at various cookie booths. The Girl Scouts would break into groups of two to three girls and man all of the entrances to the building they were working at. According to the troop leaders, sales were more successful when smaller groups were working together. Another thing that the girls did was “up sell,” asking if customers wanted to buy 5 boxes for an even $20. They said it worked about 90% of the time!

When we asked what their super secret strategy for selling items through Girl Scouts was, they said “just ask!”

It was so exciting to see Troop 7178’s hard work pay off and for them to be able to experience all the great things that Camp Daisy has to offer! We know this won’t be their last camping experience!

Congratulations, girls!


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