Girl Scouts Honor and Remember Veterans

Today is Veteran’s Day and as such we would like to honor and remember those who served in the military. Girl Scouts has always supported those in uniform. We know that we would not have the freedoms we have today without these brave men and women who fought for our country.

happy-veterans-dayRachelle Dover is a mom of two girls, a brownie troop leader and a servicewoman. She joined the Army after graduating college in 2011. She works as a medic at the hospital in Ft. Riley, Kansas.

Although she already has a full schedule she signed up to volunteer as her daughter’s troop leader this year after other volunteers went through transitions.

Rachelle is no stranger to Girl Scouts. She started as a Daisy and stayed in it for seven years. Some of her favorite memories of those days were of traveling with her troop and winning an award for selling the most cookies. So it was only natural for her to want her daughter to join too.

“When we moved on base I thought I would put my daughter in it. They had a recruiting night on post and there was a spot open,” Rachelle said.

She admits there’s not much to do in rural areas of Kansas and she wanted her daughter to have fun and versatile opportunities. She knew Girl Scouts would provide that. The brownie troop at Ft. Riley is now 18 girls strong.

pledge of allegiance

“They did outdoor activities over the summer and I helped with that. Lots of camping, a fun run and glow run and the girls are always coming up with new ideas for what they would like to do next.”

Rachelle said that one of the unique challenges their troop faces is the constant change. All the families in their troop live on base.

“Some of these girls’ moms and dads are deployed. They don’t always have their parents around so it is different for them. Girl Scouts provides extra support and we can have those tough conversations because many of us have been there.”

Another thing that Rachelle and her daughter love about Girl Scouts is the focus on giving back to their community.

“Last year the girls got together and created a goal for selling cookies. They wanted to donate at least 200 boxes of cookies to the USO,” Rachelle said.

uso coat drive

This year our council will grow this effort to give back when the Cookie Program kicks off Operation Sweet Treat, an effort started by Manhattan Town Center in 2008 and beginning council-wide this cookie season. Girl Scout troops can ask customers to help them donate cookies back to the USO just like Rachelle’s troop did last year. Donating cookies to the USO is a small way we can teach girls to honor those who have sacrificed so much on our behalf.

Thank you, veterans, for your service!

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