Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout

A Profile of a Brand New Troop Leader

Dani Lucas was only three-days-old when she became a Girl Scout – well, sort of! Her grandma put her in a “Future Girl Scout” onesie and the rest, as they say, was history!


She is no stranger to the Girl Scout Promise, as both her grandmother and mother were Gold Award recipients. So when Dani joined as a young girl it made sense that she should reach for the same goal.

After she worked her way up through the Girl Scout ranks, which included their troop participating in the Product Sales Program and doing other money earning activities, which the troop used for travel to places like London and Australia, Dani earned her Gold Award too.

She always said if she had a daughter she would put her in Girl Scouts and become a troop leader. Little did Dani know the chance to lead a troop would come sooner than she thought!

Dani works at Cross-Lines Community Outreach as an Education Coordinator and Case Manager. Cross-Lines provides people affected by poverty with basic services and opportunities that encourage self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

“I got a call from a friend who used to work with me at Cross Lines,” Dani said. “She asked if I would be interested in starting a troop. I have always been passionate about working with women and girls in the community so it seemed like a perfect fit.”

We’d have to agree! Along with the help of a co-leader and other adult volunteers, Dani recruited 22 girls ages 5-12 to join the new multi-level troop. They meet at the Argentine Community Center in Wyandotte County.


When asked what her favorite thing has been as a new troop leader Dani says it’s the opportunity to share her positive experiences with the girls.

“As I look back on my experiences as a Girl Scout I always remember being so excited about the activities we were doing,” Dani said. “It makes me feel good to provide a safe place for these girls to go. It’s really cool for them to be a part of something that not everyone gets to do.”

Although there have been challenges along the way, such as the girls not having money for uniforms like many other Girl Scouts, Dani said they try to focus on the positive.

“Right now we are planning for cookie season and setting goals for that. They are getting really excited about the possibility of a camping trip and horseback riding with their cookie money.”

Dani said it makes sense that the girls would want to go camping because they come from an urban area and are fascinated with the great outdoors.

All in all, she says that she may not have a daughter yet but she has been enjoying her first experience as a troop leader! We bet your family is super proud of you, Dani! Awesome job helping girls see the possibilities in the world around them!

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