Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout – Dylan Edemann

When Dylan Edemann’s daughter, Audrey, started at Nashua Elementary School in Kansas City, Missouri they decided to find out what Girl Scouts was all about at an info night.

“We went there not knowing if Audrey was going to join,” Dylan said, “And we walked out in charge of the troop!”

Such is often the case when parents learn that volunteers are needed to lead troops. Dylan’s wife Stephanie stepped up to become the troop leader and shortly after Dylan was “sweet-talked” (pun totally intended) into being the cookie dad. That is, he helps manage the product sales part of the troop.

Kindergartner Audrey was a first year Daisy Girl Scout and set a goal to sell 350 boxes of cookies. When she met that goal she decided to set her goal much higher for the next year.

“She decided to try and sell 1,500 boxes her second year,” the proud Girl Scout dad explained. “My wife and I talked about it and tried to decide if that was too big of a goal. But we wanted to encourage her as much as possible. We worked as a team and reminded her that if you put in the work you can succeed.”


Speaking of success, after two years managing product sales for his troop, he is taking on more responsibility as the Cookie Cupboard Manager for Service Unit 604.

“I will be helping to set up the orders and provide support for all the troops in the service unit,” he said.

Dylan wants other dads to know that volunteering with the troop provides a great bonding experience.

“Girl Scouts is important to my daughter,” Dylan said, “so when they see you take an interest in something they’re doing that’s a good thing.”

He wants men to know that there will always be some kind of need and just the simple act of volunteering your time can be extremely rewarding.

Audrey wants to sell 2015 boxes for the 2015 cookie season. We have no doubt that with an awesome “cookie dad” on her team she and her troop will meet that goal!

We wish you lots of sweet sales, Troop 4120!


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    Excellent. So inspiring.


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