More Than “Just Cookies”

The wait is over, it is finally GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON!

Time to satisfy your yearly Caramel deLite craving, stock the freezer full of Thin Mints and be the hero with a Girl Scout cookie spread at your next office gathering!

But did you know that Girl Scout cookies are more than “just cookies”?

When a Girl Scout sells you a box of cookies (or 10), she is putting her goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethic s to work. These are essential skills that benefit her both in and out of Girl Scouts.

Girl Scout Cadette, Tehya Frederick from Troop 1945 in Kansas City, Missouri was our council’s top Girl Scout cookie seller in 2014! She credits the Girl Scout Cookie Program for giving her skills to succeed in school (earning straight A’s) and be an accomplished musician (she’s the top 7th grade trumpet chair).


Tehya joined Girl Scouts three years ago. In her first year selling cookies she set a reasonable goal – sell 500 boxes of cookies. Tehya blew that goal out of the water, selling 1,000 boxes of cookies! Her second year, she sold 1,500 and last year was her best yet with 2,200 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies sold!

“I try and sell more every year so I get into the mindset of goal setting,” Tehya said.

Her success in the program comes from good old fashioned sales techniques. Tehya canvasses her neighborhood and others selling cookies door to door, works with her mother, cousin and other adult friends to connect with more customers and participates in booth sales with her troop.

Tehya isn’t shy and she believes that any sale can be successful by just being nice! “She asks anyone that comes to the house!” Her Grandmother, Cassandra Warren said. Some of her repeat customers have included repairmen who have come to her house. “She has quite the customer base!” Cassandra said.


Tehya loves selling Girl Scout Cookies because of the skills that it teaches her and the awards that she earns.

“The skills [learned in the Cookie Program] have helped me in school a lot. I was able to work on organizational skills. I’m more responsible, and I have increased my people skills by talking with so many different people” Tehya said.

Tehya has a team of supporters that helps her achieve her goals.

“She’s very driven. She has truly learned the art of goal setting. Once she sets her goal she pushes until it’s reached. Then she goes over it. Her grandfather, mother, brother and I say ‘enough’ we’re tired! She wants to push it up until the last minute!” Cassandra said.

This year Tehya has set two goals – she wants to sell a minimum 1,700 boxes and her high goal is to sell 2,500 boxes!

Her best advice to other Girl Scouts selling Cookies this season is to “be nice to people and always try to upsell them! People buy four boxes and all you have to say is it’s five for $20 and they’ll buy more! Just get people to buy more boxes and be friendly!”

Thank you for supporting the 23,000 Girl Scouts by doing more than “just buying some cookies”. You are helping girls build skills that last a lifetime!


One thought on “More Than “Just Cookies”

  • January 8, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    I am very proud of my niece Tehya. She has also been a high achiever regarding academics and various other areas of interest. As a college instructor I see this often, however Tehya possesses a character that is much more valuable than the need to achieve and that is a caring heart and spirit. She cares about people and radiates love and kindness in her treatment others and even her caring tone and smile. No matter how much we achieve our real value comes in the way we treat others and bring a smile to their face. That is what changes peoples lives. Thank you GSKMO for being such a wonderful part of not only my niece’s life but the lives of thousands of other young ladies and their families all across our great country.


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