Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout – Barbara Weary & Barbara Lee

Connecting through their love of Girl Scouts and the Outdoors

When Barbara Weary and Barbara Lee first met they quickly learned that they shared much more than a name.

The women met when they joined the garden committee at the Kansas City retirement community where they both live. It was on a day trip to Powell Gardens they discovered a shared of love of the outdoors and a love of Girl Scouts!


Both of their mothers served as their troop leaders when they were girls and together they have some pretty amazing stories of what it was like to be a Girl Scout during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

“I found out one day our leader was moving,” Barbara Weary said. “So I went home and told my mother that she had to take over! I had to be a Girl Scout. It was so thrilling.”

They both had wonderful experiences growing up in Girl Scouts. But most of their favorite memories center on camping and a love of exploring nature.

“We would go hiking and pick up leaves,” Barbara Weary said. “We would learn about the different kinds of trees and make notebooks.”

“She still does that!” Barbara Lee exclaimed. “She still picks up leaves.”

“You’re right. I sure do!” Barbara Weary said.

The Girl Scout alumnae shared favorite camp memories including Yule log hunts in December with hot cocoa by the bonfire, close encounters with skunks and snakes (oh my!) and how to tie knots, build fires and pitch tents. They may have even sung some campfire songs!

“Everything was new and exciting when you went off to camp,” Barbara Weary said. “Even packing for the trip was fun because we knew we were going to be out there soon!”

Both Barbara Weary and Barbara Lee came for a tour of Camp Prairie Schooner last September. Although there have been changes and upgrades to the camp Barbara Lee remembered how it had been when she worked there.


They love that today’s Girl Scouts are still experiencing the outdoors just like they did when they were young. But were impressed by the additions such as rappelling and ziplining as well as the new buildings.

Isn’t it cool to know that once you become a Girl Scout you can stay a Girl Scout? Barbara Weary and Barbara Lee are amazing Girl Scout sisters who definitely prove that age is just a number. It is clear that their memories in Girl Scouts continue to make a lasting impression on their lives. Even though they didn’t experience Girl Scouts together as young girls, their shared experiences helped to create a Girl Scout friendship all these years later.


With 1 in 2 women being Girl Scouts at some point in her life, it is a pretty sure bet that you can begin telling your Girl Scout story to another woman and she will easily join your conversation with her own stories. That’s the power of the Girl Scout organization!

Do you have a girl in your life? Whether she is an active Girl Scout or hasn’t registered yet, summer camp is available to her. We encourage you to make sure your girl doesn’t get left inside this summer and check out all the summer sessions available. Imagine years from now, she will meet another woman and they will be instantly connected because of their Girl Scout experience just like Barbra Weary and Barbara Lee!

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  • January 28, 2015 at 8:58 am

    It is so nice to hear about these women. It brings back warm memories for me too. I have happy memories of girl scout camp. My daughter will be going to her first full week camp this summer. I can’t wait to pick her up and hear about her adventures. I know she will be forever changed by this remarkable experience.


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