2nd Annual Kappa Delta Girl Scout Cookie Challenge

College students + Girl Scout Cookies = a match made in heaven. Especially at the University of Kansas and Kansas State University!

On Thursday, March 5 the Kappa Delta chapters at KU and K-State each worked with a Girl Scout troop to see which Kappa Delta chapter could sell the most cookies in a three hour period in the 2nd Annual Kappa Delta Cookie Challenge!


“This is the best day of my life!” Said Chris Reusz, a K-State student.

In its inaugural year, K-State claimed the title, selling nearly 400 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in a two hour period.

This year, KU channeled their disappointment and used it for good, working with Troop 1915 and selling 1,199 boxes (yes, you read that right) of Girl Scout Cookies and bringing home the coveted Golden Thin Mint!!


Troop 7569 and K-State finished strong, selling 624 boxes!


“This event has inspired me to have confidence in the goals that we are striving to achieve each and every day,” said Katie Proctor, K-State Kappa Delta.

Combined, the schools sold 1,823 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. That’s enough to provide girls more dollars for fun activities, trips and community service, two months of food for our horses at Camp Winding River, safety helmets for our Adventure Program and financial assistance for at least 200 Girl Scouts’ participation.

MollyPatt Horan, KU Kappa Delta said “I have loved seeing the Kappa Delta’s have so much fun with promoting the event and making it fun for the Girl Scouts!”

We are so grateful for the partnership with Kappa Delta. Thank you all for being great role models and working with our Girl Scouts on their 5 skills!

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