Best Girl Scout Friends Forever (BGSFF)

Spotlight on GS Alumnae & New Leaders Kristen McDaniel and Kassie Peters

Surely you’ve heard the new age term, BFF, which stands for Best Friends Forever. Well, how about this new term BGSFF, which stands for Best Girl Scout Friends Forever?

If not, we’re about to introduce you to two young women who happen to be the perfect example of BGSFF!

Kristen McDaniel and Kassie Peters both grew up as best friends and joined Girl Scouts together in Independence, Missouri. They started as Daisies and continued through Junior Girl Scouts.


“Both our moms were our troop leaders,” Kristen said. “Our moms were so excited and proud of us when we told them we were going to be leaders!”

That’s right! Kassie and Kristen, both just 21-years-old, decided that they wanted to volunteer their time to the organization that brought them together and helped keep their bond strong throughout the years. So they reached out to our council and said, “We want to volunteer”!

Kassie and Kristen both took part in a recent New Leader Express Training, which gave them the perfect starter course in all things troop leader! They both got a chuckle out of the fact that they already felt comfortable with a lot of the information shared. That’s what happens when Girl Scouts makes a lasting impact on your life. You take it with you as you go out into the real world!

They formed Daisy Troop 1647 in Independence, Missouri.

“We didn’t take over a troop as we wanted to start completely fresh and grow with our girls,” Kristen said. “Our first meeting was just last week and we will meet throughout the summer too.”

Although as leaders they know they are still in the very beginning stages, Kristen and Kassie are both hopeful for the future of their troop. Together, they imagine their troop, comprised of four girls right now, expanding in August as the new school year starts.

“We obviously want our troop to be active with volunteer work,” Kristen said. “We want our community to see how awesome Girl Scouts are and how much they can help others.”

They also have some fun activities planned such as the upcoming Girl Scout Day at The K and a scavenger hike at Burr Oak Woods, one of our many community partners.

One of the biggest lessons that Kristen and Kassie learned during their own Girl Scout days was that of respect. Respecting themselves and respecting others! They hope to focus on teaching the girls life skills and virtues that will last a lifetime.

Kristen and Kassie – thank you for dedicating your valuable time to helping girls in your area! We realize there are many things you could have chosen to do and we are thrilled that you chose to continue in Girl Scouting now as adult volunteers!

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