Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout – Mark Quintana

For more than 12 years, Mark Quintana has been volunteering with Girl Scouts in Topeka, Kansas where his family resides. As a longstanding volunteer, he has seen many Girl Scouts grow from Daisies all the way to Ambassadors.

His oldest daughter, Payge, is now a freshman in college. But when Payge became a Brownie he felt the pull to get more involved.

“When you take an active role in your kids’ lives it pays off,” Mark said about volunteering as the Cookie Manager, then and now. “It’s good for me and for them.”

Mark’s middle daughter, Molina, is a Brownie in troop #7008 and his wife, Karri, is the troop leader.

“I like being an ear and a reference for my wife who also serves as the Service Unit Event Coordinator,” Mark said. “It was her idea for me to get involved as a volunteer.”

Thankfully, Mark said yes and has been an avid supporter of Girl Scouts for as long as his daughters have been involved. As Cookie Manager he is an integral part of the organization and dedication it takes to have a successful cookie season. He is also a great cheerleader for girls as they set their goals. He wants to see them not only meet that goal – but exceed it!

“I always get a little weepy-eyed when I see girls come alive while selling cookies,” Mark said. “There was a girl who set a goal to sell 30 boxes but I believed she could do more than that.”

With Mark’s positive coaching, the Girl Scout was able to sell 350 boxes! We know that sometimes all it takes is someone to believe in us. Or maybe, someone to tell you to believe in yourself, which is exactly the way Mark thinks.

Mark watches as Girl Scouts perform a science experiment.

Mark watches as Girl Scouts perform a science experiment.


He believes that Girl Scouts opens doors for girls to accomplish things they never expected to. “When they get a chance to do things that their parents didn’t even know they could do – that’s powerful,” Mark said.

Mark’s already got his “Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout” t-shirt and wears it loud and proud. He thinks it is important to stimulate discussion so more men know they can and should get involved in Girl Scouts.

“We need to let them know that there are plenty of roles out there for them,” Mark said. “You can help girls. You can help the council. Girls will be stronger and build confidence because of you.”

Some of his favorite memories include traveling to Savannah, Georgia and Omaha, Nebraska, as well as teaching Girl Scouts how to change a tire. He says it’s most exciting when you see a girl and the light comes on. You can really see them figuring out “I can do it!”

“Yes, there may be limits out there for women,” Mark said. “But your limits are only what you impose on yourself. Just because someone tells you no, it doesn’t have to stop you.”

Wow – isn’t it wonderful for Girl Scouts to hear these things from such an amazing male role model?

Mark, thank you for being Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout and for helping girls learn that they have value in this world!

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