Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout – Lauren Raibble

For Lauren Raibble, the outdoors is her oasis. It doesn’t matter where she is – Kansas City or Utah, she thrives with the dirt beneath her feet and the wind in her hair.

Lauren grew up in the Outdoor Adventure and Learning Program in our council and her Girl Scout experiences have taken her to all sorts of adventures in the great outdoors. From backpacking in Arkansas to being an aquatics instructor in Japan, participating in the Outdoor Educator Semester in the Rocky Mountains to now serving as a the Outdoor Program Specialist for Girl Scouts of Utah – Lauren has quite the “outdoor resume!”


It was 1998, in first grade, when Lauren had her first outdoor experience at resident camp. Lauren attended resident camp every summer after that, and in 2007 she participated in the CIT (Counselor in Training) Program. “My CIT summer was my favorite summer! It was great getting to learn more about our camps, more about working with girls, and learning more about myself in the process,” Lauren said. “It was during this summer that I decided that being a camp counselor was what I wanted to do for a very long time. I even started brainstorming different jobs that would allow me to have the summers off to work camp.”


Lauren worked as a resident camp counselor at GSKSMO 2008, 2009 and 2010. In 2011 she embarked on an exciting opportunity to work as an aquatics counselor for children of military families on a naval base in Japan. She then returned to GSKSMO in 2012 as a Unit Leader/CIT Director. “It was great to be able to take all I learned throughout the three years of being a counselor to help new staff members and train future staff members for our camps!

In 2013 Lauren went to Camp Cloud Rim, a camp property at Girl Scouts of Utah, as an Assistant Camp Director for an internship to complete her undergraduate degree. She returned to Camp Cloud Rim in 2014 for a second summer as the Assistant Camp Director.


Her favorite memory from working at camp the past six years is from that summer of her internship. Due to camper/staffer ratios, Lauren had to be a counselor for a week-long leadership program. At first she was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to fulfill all of her duties as Assistant Camp Director, but she ended up having the best week of her entire summer. “I loved being able to be back in the units interacting hands-on with the girls again. I was able to see that same passion in the girls that I had when I was a CIT of wanting to work with younger girls in a camp setting. These teenagers wanted to give girls the same experiences at camp that they were given themselves. I was able to see once again how much of a difference camp can make in a girl’s life,” Lauren said.

Lauren completed her degree in Leisure, Youth and Human Services with emphasizes in Outdoor Recreation and Nonprofit and Youth Administration from Northern Iowa University. In 2013 she participated in an Outdoor Educator Semester in the Rocky Mountains through the National Outdoor Leadership School and also earned her Leave No Trace Master Educator certification. Lauren is also a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

“For me, many of my ‘firsts’ in different outdoor activities came from Girl Scouts – horseback riding, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, ziplining, rappelling, archery, caving, and more! Girl Scouts is the organization that sparked my passion for the outdoors. I love more than anything that I get to give those same experiences and develop the same passion in other girls.”


Today, Lauren calls Girl Scouts of Utah council home, where she works full time as the Outdoor Program Specialist.

“I wanted to be able to take everything that Girl Scout camp had given me and give the same great experience to other girls. With every additional program I attended/worked and with every summer that passed, my love continued to grow and grow.”

Give your girl the opportunity to experience the great outdoors through our Resident Camp program this summer! Spots are still open, including in the CIT Program!

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  • March 26, 2015 at 11:55 am

    Absolutely love this girl (although) I may be a bit biased. I am so happy that Girl Scouts has allowed her to pursue her dreams and build confidence in herself and others. Nothing is more fulfilling that watching your children grow & experience the world.


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