Camp Meals Get a Whole New Look with Partner InHome Bistro

Meals at Camp Daisy Hindman will be getting a makeover this summer thanks to a partnership with InHome Bistro! Campers will still experience traditional camp fare such as sloppy joes and macaroni and cheese, but the ingredients and where they come from will be quite different!


InHome Bistro is a farm to table concept founded by Kiersten Firquain, or “Chef K” as she is called more than 10 years ago to provide locally sourced, season products, fresh ideas and healthy creations to students and adults of all ages. Working with more than 250 farms within a 150 mile radius in the Good Natured Family Farm coop and other local farms, InHome Bistro uses proteins and dairy from animals that are hormone and antibiotic free as well as whole grains and zero sugar in their desserts!

“The menu may not look a lot different, but the ingredients that go into preparing those foods we feel are the most nutrient rich that we can source for the girls,” Chef K said!

This summer, campers will enjoy kid-friendly meals prepared by professional chefs with InHome Bistro. In addition to the main dish, there will be a fruit bar at breakfast and a salad bar with more than 30 types of produce at both lunch and dinner.

“Summer camp is a natural fit for us to be able to provide all of that season produce that we have in the Midwest during the summer,” Chef K said.

Camp Daisy will also be getting a working garden!

Chef K and Girl Scouts are partnering with Eating from the Garden to set up a garden at Camp Daisy. Each session Eating from the Garden will come and do a hands on culinary class with Girl Scouts that ties into the gardens. Girl Scouts will be involved with planting, tending or harvesting the garden site depending on where their session falls within the season! The chefs will also be use the produce from this working garden in the meals that they prepare!

“We want girls to become the advocates and make those things at home. We want to take it one step further. It’s the Girl Scout curriculum – we’re not just learning it here and doing it here, we’re extending it back to home or to school so we would like to see that with the healthy food choices as well,” Chef K said.

We’re excited to partner with InHome Bistro and Eating from the Garden to incorporate nutrition education and instill healthy habits to help build girls of courage, confidence, and character!

Don’t wait – register for a summer camp session at Camp Daisy today!

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