Get Adventurous!

When it comes to getting adventurous, Girl Scouts is the place to be! We know that girls want the opportunity to get outside, unplug from daily grind and to try new things and our adventure programs do just that.

Each of our adventure program areas – climbing, zipline, team building, rappel and archery – is progressively challenging and offers a variety of activities within each area! As the adult, you can rest assured knowing that your Girl Scouts are the hands of trained professionals!

A phrase you’ll hear a lot out at Camp Prairie Schooner and Camp Winding River while participating in adventure activities is “challenge by choice.” These three little words mean that no girl is going to be forced to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. We know that girls’ have a better experience when they individually make the brave decision to rappel, zip or climb to the top of the tower.

Our professionally trained staff will ensure that your Girl Scout or troop has the best experience and will tailor activities to suit your needs.

Earlier this spring, troop leader Stephanie Proctor eagerly signed up her Junior troop for another exciting session of archery! This was going to be a new experience for some of the girls in her troop, including Phoebe.

Before the session, Stephanie reached out to our program staff to let them know that Phoebe has some challenges with her motor skills and hand strength.

When Troop 776 arrived at Camp Prairie Schooner, they got right down to business, Phoebe included. Adventure staff worked with her on finding the perfect bow, getting the settings just right and making sure that she learned to work the bow, all by herself.


“What could have been a frustrating day for Phoebe turned into a fun filled event for all, Phoebe’s mom, Katie said. “All the girls really enjoyed the day and much fun was had!”


So when you’re considering an adventure for your troop or individual Girl Scout, don’t let her lack of experience or personal needs prevent you from giving her the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Phoebe was so confident that the last round she did all by herself and was successful.  The huge smile on her face was amazing,” Stephanie said.


Find your perfect Adventure Program experience today!

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