Getting Adventurous

Every day is a great day to take on a new challenge! This is especially true for adventure in the outdoors!! Just ask Junior Girl Scout Troop 3471 from Kansas City, Missouri who has taken on many of the fun adventure activities we offer.

During Girl Scout Week, troop leader Jessica Baker shared some photos with us and explained what adventure activities mean to her troop.

Troop 3471 has been participating in our Adventure Program since they first formed their troop in 2009, Their first experience was ziplining during Day Camp at Camp Winding River.  “They just went for it, and I don’t think it occurred to them to be afraid!” Jessica said.


While at Winding River for day camp, the girls also noticed the horses and helped them realize there were even more neat things you get to do in Girl Scouts.


“Every time we planned an outdoor activity or camped overnight, they asked what exciting thing they would get to try.  Until they were old enough to try other things, we made sure to take part in age appropriate activities like hiking, fishing and climbing the traverse wall at Tongawood.”

Tackling the traverse wall was the first activity Jessica saw them struggle to accomplish right away. However, that struggle didn’t stop these mighty Girl Scouts, they took turns and encouraged each other every step of the way. By the end of the afternoon, nearly everyone made it across the wall, beaming with delight.

“The coolest part is watching them support each other.  Climbing really showed them how to work as a team.  They encouraged each other if one seemed anxious, gave advice on which handholds to grab or avoid, and always cheered for each other.  They admire each other’s accomplishments and are proud of their own.”


The Girl Scout Adventure Program provides girls a safe place to try new things in a familiar environment, surrounded by supportive staff and encouraged by their Girl Scout sisters. The combination of all those things, girls are able to accomplish things they might not think possible.


Troop 3471 is planning another adventure as the winning troop from the GS Week contest and will receive 5 free spots to an upcoming program! They are planning to hold on to the free spots and use them in the brand new tomahawk throwing activity that will debut this fall!

“I love seeing the girls approach every situation with the confidence that they can find a way to tackle any obstacle, rather than feeling anxious or defeated.   Adventure activities really get to the heart of developing girls with courage, confidence, and character.  That’s why they are our favorite.”

Make a plan to get adventurous with your troop this spring and summer!

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