Happy Girl Scout Leader’s Day

Our Top 10 Thank You List to Troop Leaders

Today, April 22 we celebrate our more than 2,000 troop leaders who make Girl Scouting possible across our 47 counties! Happy Girl Scout Leader’s Day!!


The Top 10 Ways Troop Leaders Rock!

  1. Not afraid to show their silly side 

Troop leaders bring the FUN! They make sure girls have lots of laughs while experiencing all the great things Girl Scouts offers. 

  1. Make the best treats

Whether it is during a troop meeting or better yet over a campfire, troop leaders share some pretty fantastic treats. Do you remember your first banana boat or Girl Scout GORP? Think back, it was probably a favorite troop leader who introduced you to that sweet, most amazing treat!

  1. Will sleep on the floor, ground or pull an all-nighter

Do you remember your first camp-out or Girl Scout All-Nighter? Great memories, right? Your troop leader was there and just like you slept on the ground or often not at all making sure you had the best experience possible.

  1. Best cheerleader ever

Girl Scouts is such a cool place that gives you a lot of new experiences, but sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement to overcome the challenge before you. Troop leaders know just how to encourage and cheer you until the challenge is no more.

  1. Sing the coolest songs

Do you remember your favorite Girl Scout song? Make New Friends or maybe the Johnny Appleseed Grace? There are 1,000 awesome Girl Scout songs and think back to how you learned your first song. Most likely, it was your awesome troop leader who taught you the super cool song that most likely you are humming right now.

  1. Are so crafty

From SWAPS to eye-catching troop t-shirts, leaders have such creativity and bring great art projects to girls. Who still has a craft or two from their Girl Scout experience?

  1. Best task managers

There is nothing like a Girl Scout Kaper chart or how your troop leader helped you divide chores while at camp. That teamwork approach made you much better with chores at home. Your parents / caregivers certainly took notice and sent their thanks to your troop leader.

  1. She is your mom / He is your dad

It’s really cool when you get to spend time completing a project, going on a trip, camping or learning other new things with your mom or dad as your troop leader. You see your parent / caregiver troop leader in another light and that bond becomes even stronger.

  1. Mentor, Supporter

A troop leader doesn’t rest. She/he cares so deeply and supports you through all the Girl Scout achievements – Earning your first petal / badge, Bridging, meeting your Girl Scout Cookie Program goals and going for your Gold Award. For most of us, our Girl Scout Troop Leader is in the top 5 of the most influential people in our lives.

  1. Grow future leaders 

If you are an alumna, you probably credit Girl Scouts for the leader you are today. You are that leader because of the great experiences you had. Those awesome experiences were made possible because of a troop leader.

There are certainly many more reasons why Troop Leaders Rock! What would be on your Top 10 list?

Happy Girl Scout Leader’s Day!!

One thought on “Happy Girl Scout Leader’s Day

  • April 22, 2015 at 9:14 am

    I love being a Girl Scout Leader! Love watching ‘my’ girls experience new things and pushing their comfort zones. Look forward to seeing the awesome women they will become.
    Girl Scouts Rock!!!


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