It Takes a Village

Girl Scout Volunteer and Alumna Gives Back through Daisy’s Circle

Lysette DeBoard remembers wanting to join Girl Scouts more than anything as a young girl. She was finally able to join as a brownie and stayed active in Girl Scouts until the 6th grade when, unfortunately, there were no older troops available in her area.

But Lysette came back to Girl Scouts in the role of a leader for her daughter’s troop in Lawrence, Kansas. She now volunteers as a dual-level troop leader for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts. She is also excited to serve as this summer’s day camp director as well as the service unit secretary. Yes, I think it’s safe to say that Girl Scouts is still a big part of her life!



Lysette knows that the skills girls learn in Girl Scouts are about much more than just earning a badge. When girls learn something new they want to put it into action – and that’s exactly what her daughter Alexandria did after earning her First Aid badge as a Cadette.

“As she was walking home from school, she and her friend had seen an older gentleman fall in his driveway who was unable to get up,” Lysette explained. “My daughter ran over and began her first aid treatment. She asked her friend to go inside to get help and broke out her first aid kit that we had assembled at one of our meetings, donned her plastic gloves, cleaned the cut on his leg and covered it with bandages. By the time the son came out his dad was cleaned up and ready for assistance to get back on his feet!”

Alexandria quickly used the skills she learned in a real emergency. Lysette saw firsthand how Girl Scouts gives girls a sense of usefulness and confidence and that’s the exactly the reason she continues to be a part of Girl Scouts in our community.

“To this day, I get goose bumps thinking about how proud my daughter was,” Lysette said. “It gives me hope that other girls can achieve this feeling because of their time in Girl Scouts.”

In order to ensure more girls can continue building skills and confidence, Lysette chose to join Daisy’s Circle. She knows that Girl Scouts is an important program in the lives of girls. Lysette, who is an elementary school music teacher, feels that some of the skills needed are being left behind in favor of standardized testing.

“Girl Scouts is a great way for girls to continue to learn the skills to be courageous and confident in the world of tomorrow,” Lysette said. “My hope is that because of my contribution, more girls will have the chance to be a part of the Girl Scout experience.”

For Lysette, giving back to Girl Scouts means believing girls are a worthwhile investment.

“As the African proverb says, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ and my contributions are just one small part of the resources that will help to raise the children in Girl Scouts,” Lysette said.

Lysette encourages everyone to remember time spent outside with friends in the sun and the rain. Remember time spent playing and creating imaginary worlds and challenges that could only be overcome by us – the heroines. She wants to make sure ALL girls can be the heroines in their own lives. You can help girls do this by joining Daisy’s Circle.

Lysette, we thank you for being a heroine in girls’ lives by giving your time and resources to Girl Scouts.

Learn more and consider joining Daisy’s Circle today!

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  • April 10, 2015 at 12:07 am

    She was in my little brother and sister ‘s class in school. She comes from an amazing family that gives back. We did not know that we could be Girl Scouts after grade school. Help spread the word.


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