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David Ordonio was first introduced to the wonderful world of Girl Scout camp by his future wife, Tina, who was a counselor at Camp Oakledge in the 1980’s. Little did he know, Girl Scouts would become a huge part of his life in the future.

David and Tina married and had two daughters, Faith and Grace, both of whom have been Girl Scouts since the first grade. Faith is a member of troop 3473 and a senior at Liberty High School. Grace is a member of troop 1592 and is in eighth grade.

Since 2008, David, a special education teacher, has dedicated much of his extra time as an awesome Girl Scout volunteer. He said he caught the bug of volunteerism slowly but surely.

“I had been helping to set-up twilight camp and then they had me on security at the camp,” David said. “Soon I was helping the girls learn to fish.”


One of his favorite recent memories is of one of the girls in the troop who struggles with special needs. He was there to watch when she caught her first fish. Something that wasn’t easy for anyone that day due to the heat.

“The troop was cheering and they were all so supportive,” David said. “It was fun to see them come together like that.”


One of the best things to come out of his daughters as Girl Scouts is the change he has seen in both of them because of their involvement.

“I’ve seen tremendous growth in both of them,” David said.


While both of his daughters have very different personalities he has seen them both become more confident and soar in their problem-solving skills.

As if you can get more awesome results than that – he says his daughters’ thirst for adventure. As a family they refer to the popular Disney movie, Up, for one of their family mottos.

Thanks for the adventure – Now go have a new one!

“We went zip lining in a rainforest when we visited Hawaii.” David said. “They weren’t intimidated at all! They love to go on new adventures.”

David says their excitement for new activities comes from all the great adventures they get to do with their troop. They are not afraid to go for it because, thanks to what they’ve learned in Girl Scouts, they know how to adapt and they are always prepared.

Another movie quote David would like to share with other men who aren’t yet involved with Girl Scouts comes from City Slickers.

You’ve got to find your “why.”

“Start out small, helping gradually,” David said. “That’s the best way to find out where you fit and the best way to find your ‘why’.”

For David, it’s simple. His “why” will always be his family.


David, thanks for all your years of service to Girl Scouts! If you know a volunteer who is “Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout” please email us at

3 thoughts on “Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout – David Ordonio

  • May 1, 2015 at 8:48 am

    My son. Another motto “a family that plays together stays together “Girl Scouts is a wonderful FAMILY ADVENTURE TOGETHER. Thanks for the article.

  • May 1, 2015 at 8:54 am

    David is my brother and has always been supportive for anyone who needs it. Great motivator and team player! We love him and his family! Stay true to yourself and life will be great!

  • May 1, 2015 at 11:39 am

    My Awesome bro-in-law!!!!!


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