Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout – Dwight Fowler

When Dwight and Michele Fowler’s only daughter Cecilie came along (after four boys, mind you!) they both wanted to make sure she would have the same experiences their sons had growing up. Thanks to Girl Scouts she has been able to do just that – and more!

Michele began a Daisy troop when it was time for her daughter to join Girl Scouts. Cecilie is now 16-years-old and loving Girl Scouts more than ever. But even more impressive – she’s doing it all with her dad by her side as an assistant leader for troop #1721!


At first Dwight started off as a parent helper. But as his sons grew up and left home to start their own lives, he realized he wanted to spend as much time as possible with his daughter. All signs pointed in the direction of Girl Scouts!

“When this all started I tried to steer clear of the girls. I would drop off things and immediately take myself away from the troop,” Dwight said, “I think there is an unspoken stigma that makes men feel like they can’t be involved in Girl Scouts.”

As he saw how many great things Girl Scouts was doing for his daughter and the girls in the troop he decided to sign on as an assistant leader and he has never looked back.

Outdoor and adventure is where it’s at for this nature-loving family. He loves teaching girls how to be self-reliant in the wilderness with survival skills.


“It teaches them how to take care of themselves,” Dwight said. “It opens an avenue for all the girls to try something new. “


One new experience included exploring the inside of a cave. Dwight said the girls were apprehensive at first, as they didn’t know what to expect. But pretty soon their eyes were opened to the beauty of a place undiscovered.

“At first they are not real sure of themselves,” Dwight said. “I see my daughter go in really scared and nervous. But after a bit of time in the cave you start to see their confidence come out.”


As both a dad and a volunteer, he sees the girls in his troop growing and building their courage as they journey through each stage of Girl Scouts.

Dwight has some important words of wisdom for dads of Girl Scouts who aren’t yet involved with the troop.

“I get real satisfaction and enjoyment in watching the girls learn how to make a difference,” Dwight said. “When I send my daughter out the door and it’s her turn to go make good decisions I can be happy that I was a part of my daughter’s life. It makes me feel better knowing that I was a part of it as Girl Scouts helped instill good values in her.”

Dwight, thank you for the many years of service you have given to Girl Scouts and for being man enough to be a Girl Scout yourself!

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2 thoughts on “Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout – Dwight Fowler

  • April 16, 2015 at 11:20 am

    My Dad was a troop leader for my sister’s troop many years ago. I love seeing Dads and men stepping up to raise girls up! You rock Dwight!

  • April 17, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    I am so proud of my son Dwight Fowler for being man enough to be a girl scout!


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