I Can’t Wait to Claim a Spot for Another Year of Girl Scout FUN!

It’s the last day of June and the end of a very special time, our spring re-registration period. Thank you for being a Girl Scout. We are so excited for another awesome year ahead and hope you will take a few moments to complete your re-registration before the end of the day. Here are our Top 7 reasons to claim a spot for the new GS Year.


7. FREE Patch – There is always room for a new patch on that tunic, vest or sash. Every girl registered by June 30 will receive a free patch to commemorate her spring re-registration.

6. Outdoor Experiences – Whether it is climbing to the top of the tower, zipping through the trees, camping under the stars or riding that horse for the first time, Girl Scouts is the place to try new things and overcome a challenge or two in the outdoors.

5. STEM – Where else can you get connected to incredible role models and try hands on activities in science, technology, engineering and math? Why Girl Scouts, of course where she can build a structure from GS Cookie boxes, learn to code or geocache all in the course of a year.

4. Travel – Oh the places you can go through Girl Scouts! Maybe it is to your local park or zoo but then with planning, support and goal-setting it is off to bigger places like to the GS birthplace in Savannah or to a GS destination as far away as Kenya. It is all possible!

3. Community Partner Programs – Because of all the amazing girls and adult volunteers we serve, there are many cool partners who want to work with us. Did you know that we have 150+ partners across our 47 counties? There is most definitely something for every girl’s interests – sports, arts, health & fitness, STEM and fun. You name it, and we have most likely have it or soon will.

2. Troop Leaders – Did you know that Girl Scout alumnae still connect with their troop leader? Troop leaders ROCK and for sure this is a top reason to re-register. Just think about all those great plans you want to do in the next year or grade level.

1. We want YOU! We want to continue to be a part of your leadership journey. Girl Scouts do such incredible things for others giving thousands of hours each year to make a difference in their communities and beyond. Thank you for being a Girl Scout and for all you do!

Claim that spot for another year of friendship, skill-building and fun!

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