CAMP, It’s a “Family” Affair

The camp season has officially begun! This past weekend 147 campers descended upon Camp Daisy Hindman to kick off the summer camp season! These 147 individuals weren’t just your traditional campers – we welcomed Girl Scouts, Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and everyone in between!

The great thing about family camp is that it gives Girl Scouts a chance to experience the great outdoors with those who are closest to them!

This family camp session was extra special for three Girl Scouts, Allie, Brianna and Ella! Last year, Ella and her family moved and Ella moved troops. Knowing that their girls loved camping, their mothers teamed up and reserved a cabin as their own Girl Scout “family” so they could all reconnect! The girls were thrilled to be together and they stayed up “way past 10:00 pm” having their own dance party in Ipesi the first night. By lunch on Saturday, they each had their own camp names: Ella – Cinnamon (because she LOVES cinnamon, and coincidently the first horse that she ever rode at camp); Brianna – Magic (because she loves the outdoors and finds it just ‘magical’) and Allie – Arrow (her favorite activity is archery).

DSC_0275Not only were the girls excited, but the moms were as well!

“It’s fun for them too!” said the girls!

“They’re right, it is fun for us too,” Kelly Curtis, (Ella’s mom) said. “It’s an opportunity to experience the outdoors with your child and everything is planned and set up for you. The food was really good this year, too!”

Family camp is self-directed, each cabin or “family” decides when they want to do activities at their leisure. Families could canoe/kayak, do archery, ride horses, participate in STEM activities, do arts and crafts as well as experience your traditional camp shenanigans such as songs and campfires (complete with s’mores, obviously).

“Family camp lets us make amazing memories with our daughters before they outgrow us,” said Kim Williams (Allie’s mom).

Thank you to all the “families” who joined us this past weekend at Camp Daisy! We hope you made lasting memories with your brothers, sisters, grandparents, moms, dads, and fellow Girl Scout sisters!

There are still camp sessions open for Girl Scouts of all age levels, and because of overwhelming popularity another You & Me session has been added!

What kind of memories will your Girl Scout make this summer?

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