National Get Outdoors Day

Happy National Get Outdoors Day!

Are you reading this outside? NO?! Don’t you know that it’s National Get Outdoors Day?! Get outside and keep reading for 10 fun and easy ways to experience the great outdoors today as a family or by yourself!


  1. Play in a sprinkler.

Whatever happened to the great childhood past time of playing in a sprinkler?!

  1. Outdoor Twister.

Do you have kids (or kids at heart) who just enjoy getting a little dirty? Embrace the messy with a simple game of twister outside using condiments – ketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise with blue food coloring!

  1. Grill.

Skip the oven and stove and cook dinner outside! It’ll keep your house cool and will get you outside!

  1. Shop at the farmers market.

Many farmers markets have the most vendors on Saturdays. Buy some farm fresh eggs, locally sourced honey or treat yourself to a locally grown floral arrangement!

  1. Color with chalk!

Turn the sidewalk into a work of art! Feeling extra creative? Try making your own chalk!

  1. Go to the dog park.

Your four-legged friend wants to be outside today, too! Grab some tennis balls and take advantage of the oversized space for your dog to play fetch!

  1. Take a hike.

Our area has some hidden gems when it comes to hiking trails. Use this website to find trails in your area and put your tennis shoes on and hit the dirt (or paved paths)!

  1. Play disc golf.

Frisbee meets golf. This sport/recreational activity is becoming quite popular! There are many disc golf courses around or you can make your own right in your backyard! Check out the rules and try your hand at it!

  1. Use a Little Free Library.

Little Free Libraries are popping up in neighborhoods across the country. One of our Girl Scouts even started her own in Johnson County! Use this website to find one near you, pick a book and then read outside!

  1. Stargaze.

If the summer heat is already getting to you, wait until the sun sets tonight to get outside! On a clear night, you can see 2.5 billion light years away with just your eyes! Use this map to tell you what exactly you’re seeing!

Tell us how you’re celebrating National Get Outdoors Day in the comments below or get social! We would love to feature your activities on our social media! Use #gsksmo and #getoutdoors. You can also email us pictures at

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