Spring Re-Registration Ends June 30

Don’t wait, Re-Register Today and Enjoy All the Benefits!

Summer is here, and we know your schedule is busier than ever! You probably aren’t thinking about the start of another school year quite yet, but it is coming and with that another exciting Girl Scout year!

Now is the time to re-register your entire troop or your girl for the new year. If you re-register by June 30, every girl will receive the free patch and be eligible to purchase the special on-time t-shirt.


Troop Leaders – if you re-register at least 80% of your current troop membership by June 30, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a community partner activity (up to $10 per girl) (one troop per region will be selected).

It’s easy! And you can miss the hectic back to school season! Heather Miranda, Leader for Brownie Troop 7105 in Topeka, Kansas re-registered her troop last year and was drawn for a special STEM program facilitated at their troop meeting by STEM Program Manager Kate Hood.

So, Heather didn’t have to plan one meeting and the girls had a blast trying out the interactive activities. Win, win, right? Well, even better than having all the re-registering out of the way and being drawn for the special STEM program was how the re-registrations were paid.

10255764_10203345824382583_2054767429018401900_nAs girls worked with each other, their troop leaders and parents / caregivers in setting their Cookie Program goals, they decided that if their per girl average was a certain amount some of the proceeds would be used for re-registration. Well, the girls blew the goal out of the water – meeting a per girl average of 250 boxes!

Heather believed that this goal kept the girls and parents / caregivers motivated. Of course, they did other things with their proceeds but being committed to the next year was a real benefit. And guess what? Every girl came back this year! And …yep Troop 7105 met their goal again this year so they will be re-registered using troop proceeds for the new membership year.10491211_10203697727099931_5591054175002325751_n

So whether you use troop proceeds to re-register girls or you encourage parents / caregivers to re-register individually, we want all our Girl Scouts back for another AWESOME year!

Don’t wait, get re-registered by June 30!

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