A Summer of Challenge

When you’re a kid, there are a lot of “firsts”. You lose your first tooth, you catch your first foul ball.

There are a lot of firsts in Girl Scouts too. The first badge, overnight, s’more, and the list goes on.

One of the many great things about being a Girl Scout is that you get to look forward to all sorts of new firsts as you get older.

It’s no secret that girls are yearning for outdoor adventure and learning opportunities – they want to do the same things they see boys doing. That’s why we have summer challenge programs. These activities are age specific and progress in challenge and skill level as the girls get older.


There are a variety of programs that include zipline, archery and/or equestrian programs. What a great time we had checking out the fun at Camp Winding River.

Brownie Troop 3179 from Independence, Missouri decided to get in on the summer challenge fun – after all, this year was all Girl Scout firsts for them!

Having been a Brownie Girl Scout herself, Patricia Smith decided last fall that it was time to get her daughter involved in Girl Scouts. There was one small problem. There wasn’t a troop in the school her daughter attended and where she coincidentally worked. So, Patricia answered the call and rallied some friends– recruiting fellow staff members who also had daughters to join her on this awesome experience.

Fast forward nearly a year later. This Brownie troop sailed through their first cookie season and is now reaping the benefits. As a troop they decided to spend their cookie proceeds horseback riding, for the first time, as a troop.


The troop participated in the Brownie Horseback Riding program where they got so much more than just a riding experience. The girls learned about breeds and colors of horses as well as how to command and ride.

The girls had such a great time and left camp with a new skills, knowledge and great memories.

They are excited to use the rest of their cookie proceeds camping for the first time this fall!

Don’t let the summer slip away without getting your Girl Scout out to a challenge day – there are still a few dates available!


You’re never too old for a ‘first’ yourself. Our adult challenge day is coming up on September 18, 2015 at Camp Prairie Schooner. Do you have the courage, confidence, and character to climb the wall or rappel?!

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