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This week, service unit 638 from Overland Park, Kansas and service unit 639 from Leawood, Kansas are at Camp Prairie Schooner for their annual day camp! They are loving camp so much that two teens worked together to create a camp newsletter each day, complete with photos and camper quotes!

So without further ado, we bring you selections from the first two editions of “Enchanted Outdoors” by Laura Legg, 15 and Alyssa Pavlu, 17!


Pine Cone Flower Craft

Pine coneToday we stopped to chat with the girls of Whimsical Wisteria and asked them a few questions about the flower craft.  Sydney enjoyed using the colors lavender and violet to decorate her pine cone. When asked what her favorite color was, she answered with “rainbow.”



Seed Ball Butterfly Project

seed ballStopping down by the Conestoga unit homes, we found the Poison Apples unit making seed balls to add to the Butterfly Home service project. We asked the girls if they thought the balls would work and they all nodded their heads in agreement. We also asked the girls if they liked butterflies, and after one camper replied “yes, because they are awesome,” we discovered that the Monarch was a crowd favorite.



Bird Watching

d1 birdAt the bird watching station near the outdoor classroom, we found Taylor and her unit, the UniPigs. The only bird she had seen so far today was their teen leader, Angry Bird. She enjoyed her time at the bird station and said that her favorite bird is a Blue Jay.




Water Games

water gamesToday we found the Fluffy Cute Squirrels unit enjoying water games. Ava and her friends enjoyed soaking each other and she said it was her favorite game. When we asked if she liked getting wet she said, “sort of, you just got to get used to it.”



Songs Station

This afternoon Kayla of the Poison Apples unit enjoyed the song station down at the chapel. One of the songs they sang in their time there was “Boom Chica Boom.” Kayla’s favorite song to sing at camp was “If You’re Cheering For the Girl Scouts” because it was fun.


Down at the Prairie Fairy House we found the Whimsical Wisteria unit who had just finished playing games. We asked Jordan what her favorite game was and she answered charades. She had the chance to act out “bumblebee” and “Spiderman” for her troop. Jordan said that the Prairie Fairy House was “cool, except for the random dead crickets.”

Slingshot Safari

slingshot safariOn the slingshot safari trail we found the Playful Pixies unit. Most of the campers could not keep track of how many targets they had shot, but they did agree that it was an easy trail. Molly’s favorite target in particular was the koala bear.





DAY 2: 

Water Games

JengaDue to the weather, today water games turned into a challenge of Jenga and Apples to Apples. We asked Jessica of the Dazzling Fireflies if she was sad about missing water games, and she responded “no” with a smile because she was playing Jenga with her friends instead.




Bird Watching

bird watchingEven in the rain, the show must go on. Bird watching was moved into Neal Lodge where we found the Bad Pixies coloring pictures of birds. Livia colored an owl because it’s her favorite bird, and Signe told us she enjoyed the station because she listened to birds sounds.



Photo Frame

photo frameWe found the Northern Lights unit decorating their photo frames for the unit pictures they took on Tuesday. We asked Abrina why she chose the color purple and she said it’s her favorite color. She decorated her frame with owls and told us she liked the lei’s because they looked like flowers.




songsThis afternoon we stopped by the songs station and found the Northern Lights girls again. Claire told us she was having fun because she “just likes to sing” and said her favorite camp song is Bazooka Bubblegum because it rhymes.




Gaga Pit

gaga pitWe stopped by the Gaga pit to find the Enchanted Snow Bunnies having a blast. They all agreed that it was really fun and their favorite part was playing in the mud.




Pine Cone Craft

pine cone craftAt the pine cone flower craft, we found the Fluffy Cute Squirrels decorating their flowers. We asked Caroline how she made hers, and she responded “I took a pine cone and painted it two colors, then chopped it up.”




Cook Night

cook nightEach unit had their chance at cook night this week. We asked Teagan of the Bad Pixies her favorite part and she told us it was the burritos. The only hard part she said was “waiting in the line.”




Climbing Wall

wallThis afternoon we found the Poison Apples unit enjoying the climbing wall. Jessie told us that she thought it was “really fun because I made it to the top two times.” When we asked the girls how they felt we found that, believe it or not, they loved it.




When we asked the girls of Dazzling Fireflies how they felt about the weather, we found that half prefer the rain while half prefer the sunshine. Overall, more campers seem to prefer the rainy weather as opposed to the sunshine.


These girls did a great job of capturing and telling the story of their awesome day camp – we are impressed (and a little jealous we missed out on the fun)!


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