Happy National S’more Day!

It seems like there is a National (FILL IN THE BLANK ) Day for everything, so why shouldn’t there be a National S’mores Day?! We’re not arguing, are you?

This holiday is very special to Girl Scouts! Did you know that the first known S’mores recipe appeared in a Girl Scout handbook in 1927? The recipe is credited to Loretta Scott Crew, who reportedly made S’mores by the campfire for a group of Girl Scouts. Originally called “some mores,” it is unknown when the name was shortened to “s’mores,” but recipes using the longer name can be found in various Girl Scout publications through 1971.

That’s right, now you have to take time today to enjoy a S’more, so filled with ooey gooey goodness you will want some more!

We have scoured the internet, polled our members and got creative ourselves to provide a S’more concoction for every palette!

  1. Girl Scout Cookie S’More

The Girl Scout favorite – a classic S’more but swap the graham for your favorite Girl Scout cookie! Fan favorites are Thanks-A-Lot, Peanut Butter Patties and Carmel Delites. There are also some who favor the unlikely Lemonade…GS Cookie Smore

  1. S’more Magic Bars

Think blondie bar…but dare we say better?! If you like ooey gooey type of treats, this is the recipe that you definitely want to try!smores_magic_bars

  1. Campfire S’mores Dip

This one is a great take on the traditional campfire S’more! Use your campfire (or grill) to heat up 4 simple ingredients in a foil pack then have a variety of dipping foods available like strawberries, graham cracker cookies, Shortbreads…Campfire-Smores-Dip22

  1. S’more Waffles

Breakfast does a body good, right? Why not use today as an excuse to START your day with a S’more?!smore waffles

  1. S’more Cupcakes

These little treats have a graham cracker base, moist chocolate cake center and Marshmallow frosting. Need we say more?! Why not make them in your mini-muffin pan and share the love?Smores_Cupcakes

  1. Paleo/Gluten Free S’more

For those of you who are following a paleo or gluten free food regime shouldn’t have to pass this holiday up! The grahams in this recipe are grain free AND gluten free and the mallow recipe are pretty simple! (Warning: you have to make the grahams and marshmallows first before you construct your S’more.)paleo-smores1

  1. S’more Truffles

With just 4 ingredients, this recipe is a breeze but will make you feel like a pastry chef!smore truffle

  1. No-Bake S’more Cake

No fire necessary for this deliciousness! This cake features multiple chocolate and graham cracker layers with a refreshing cool whip topping!smore cake

  1. S’More Popcorn

Surprise the kids with this unique take on the good old-fashioned popcorn! You can pop your own, or grab a bag of pre-popped at the store to save some time.smore popcorn

  1. S’more Ice Cream

If you’ve been looking for a reason to buy that ice cream maker, this is it. You’ll make a marshmallow flavored ice cream, then when it’s almost completely frozen, add in the chocolate pieces and graham crackers. Whoah.Smores-Ice-Cream-Landscape

If you can go the entire day without consuming some type-of S’more treat after reading this post, we commend you – you have some MAJOR will power. After just one of these treats, we’re sure you’ll be left wanting S’more…

Did we miss your favorite S’more creation?! Share them with us in the comments below!


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