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When you have a love of Girl Scouts, a desire to travel and a deep passion for the arts, choosing to go to Los Angeles, California with Girl Scout destinations is a no-brainer. At least it was for Ambassador Girl Scout Amanda Johnson!

Amanda will be a senior at Raytown South High School and has been in Girl Scouts since she was a Daisy. When she found out about the destination opportunity through Girl Scouts of the USA, she started looking into where she wanted to go! As an aspiring YouTube personality, a film camp-type of experience in Hollywood was the perfect fit!

In July, Amanda packed her bags and jetted of to California for a week of experiences that would end up changing her life.

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Flying into LAX was an experience in itself.  Worried about celebrity encounters, a lot of thought and planning went into her outfit! “I actually wore sunglasses so I could scope things out. You know, you have to play it cool!”

As she was celebrity-spotting, Amanda was also looking for her fellow Girl Scout sisters and quickly learned that the easiest way to identify them is to look for a friendship circle.

“Once I saw a couple girls sitting in a circle together, I was like ‘those are the Girl Scouts!’”

As each Girl Scout landed at LAX, that friendship circle grew bigger and bigger until all 12 had arrived.

Duffle bags, pillows and cell phones in hand, the girls headed to California State University with their leaders to get settled into the campus apartments that they would call home for the next seven days.

The girls spent the evening getting to know each other and their group leaders as well as learning more about what they could expect out of the trip. For many of them, this was the first time they had ever experienced a college campus!

The objective of the “Hollywood Dreamin’” destination in Los Angeles was to give Girl Scouts a real life experience of producing a short film.

amanda 5Filled to the brim with French Vanilla Cappuccino from the cafeteria, the girls got right to work learning about the film industry from the three professionals that they would work with throughout the week. They were instructed that they would divide into two groups to create a 3-2-1 film: 3 page script, with 2 actors in 1 setting. After discussing the prompts given, both groups elected to do a comedy.

Amanda’s group talked through a story line of a young adult male throwing himself a birthday party but the only person to show up is the pizza delivery girl. One they got their idea firmed up, they got to work on their script!

The next morning Amanda and the other girls got to tour Warner Bros. Studios and learn about “film magic”. They toured some popular TV sets including that of Pretty Little Liars. Amanda  loved touring the different pieces of the set and seeing how the show works. She made sure to share her experience with fellow show fans through snapchat!

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After the tour each group took their script into pre-production with a team of cinematographers. This is where Amanda learned the most about the industry. Professionals walked through the script with her group, blocking the actor’s movements and talking about the types of shots they wanted. They became familiar with industry terms and learned how various shot types impact what the audience feels!

“You have to take your time, there are details that will make or break it,” Amanda said.

While filming, Amanda got to do a little bit of everything. She directed, ran sound, operated the boom mic and various other tasks!

amanda 4
“It was neat to see how the actors interpreted our work,” she said.

While their film was only 4 minutes, it took a full day of filming to get everything captured. Amanda learned about little details that you have to pay attention to, such as clocks that are on the set!

Their last full day was spent editing the video, touring LA and concluding with a screening party that night.

“Everyone was very impressed with each other’s work,” Amanda said

Amanda and her team’s work was so impressive that the professionals recommended they submit it with their college applications if they apply to film school.

“Basically I have a new passion. I now understand film more,” she said.

In just six short days these Girl Scouts did it all. They created 2 short films, toured Warner Brothers Studios, explored LA and built friendships with other Girl Scouts that will last a lifetime.

The whole destination experience was memorable for Amanda.

“Film is the production, the writing, thinking, creating, communicating, and advertising. It’s everything. I I’ll definitely use all the skills I learned in whatever career I choose.”

The group has plans to visit each other in the future, but for now they’ll keep their group chat active!

Be on the lookout for an Amanda Johnson YouTube Channel in the future!

We have no doubt that Amanda will be a sensation in whatever she chooses to pursue!

Check out Amanda’s video “Cry if You Want to” here!

There are domestic and international destinations for Girl Scouts who are 11 years old and up. Maybe your girl will fuel her passion on a trip of a lifetime, like Amanda. Destination locations for 2016 will be posted on the GSUSA webpage on August 15!

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