6 Inspiring Women to Celebrate In Costume!

Halloween is just around the corner! Maybe you have a fun party to attend or a great Trunk-or-Treat event. It’s always fun to do a little dress up, and even better – become an inspiring woman in history. Not only can you take on her persona, but you can also learn a little bit more about her as you prepare your costume. We have six inspiring women for you to consider. And of course we must begin with our Founder Juliette Gordon Low!

Juliette Gordon Low –
Founder of Girl Scouting

Known affectionately as “Daisy,” Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of Girl Scouts of the USA.  She envisioned an organization that would empower women through education and experiences traditionally reserved for men.  Her legacy has changed the lives of millions of girls for over 100 years.

Costume: For this famous Girl Scout, you’ll need a beige or dark dress with buttons and a collar with a brown belt around the waist.  With stickers or fabric, cut out 3 trefoils (two smaller, one larger) and stick the two smaller ones on the front sides of the collar.  Then, find a brown fedora hat (think Indiana Jones style) and with a dark green, wide ribbon, make a band around it, and attach your large trefoil on the front.  Get an old book you can mark up and write “Girl Scouts” across the front to look like you’re on official Girl Scout business.

5 Juliette Gordon Low Collage

Rosa Parks – Civil Rights Activist

In 1955 Rosa Parks took a bus ride that would make her an icon.  She refused to give up her seat on the bus, an act of courage and defiance that lead to one of the most important protests in the Civil Rights Movement. She’s remembered as a woman who proved that one person can make a change in the world.

Costume: This is a pretty simple costume – but what an inspiring woman to celebrate!  To replicate the above photo with MLK Jr., find a black and white striped button up shirt with a collar, sleeves rolled to the elbows.  Then, look around local thrift stores or your closet for a black sleeveless dress to put over the top.  Put on some older style thin reading glasses and pull your hair back in a low braided bun.  Now you’re ready to celebrate this amazing woman.

3 Rosa Parks Collage

Amelia Earhart – American Pilot

You’ve probably seen this popular American woman in movies like Night at the Museum 2 and Amelia, but do you know what an impact she had on history? Just to name a few records she set, Amelia was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, the first person to fly solo across the Pacific and was even planning to teach the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, to fly!  Talk about an inspiring woman who took STEM women to new heights!

Costume: First, look around for some large aviation goggles or make your own out of chemistry goggles here.  Next you’ll need a fitted brown leather jacket, tan or cream pants, any white shirt (button up is best) for under the jacket, tall brown boots and a white scarf.  Walk with confidence – Amelia was a public figure and loved the spotlight!

 1 Amelia Earhart Collage

Sacagawea – Explorer

This famous female explorer can be seen on the U.S. $1 dollar coin released in 2000 and was the only woman on Lewis & Clark’s exploration of the American West.  She served as a guide, an interpreter, negotiator and natural medicine advisor on the journey – all with a new baby travelling at her side. Her work ensured the success of one of the most important voyages in American History.

Costume: Native American dresses can easily be found in most Halloween stores.  A traditional beige (deer skin style) dress with fringe will let you be creative with this costume.  Adorn with beads, braids, and do some research to learn about her heritage!  Traditionally she is seen with two long braids as a hairstyle.  Set off on your own adventure this Halloween as this inspiring explorer.

2 Sacagawea Collage

Annie Oakley – Performer

This internationally famous sharpshooter is synonymous the wild west and even inspired a musical about her life – Annie Get Your Gun.  When she was just 15 Annie Oakley made enough money as a performer to pay off the mortgage on her family’s house AND beat a famous male sharpshooter!  She was a successful business woman who showed the world that girls could do anything boys could do.

Costume: For an Annie Oakley costume, you’ll need a long brown skirt and button-up country shirt (maybe even a leather vest if you can find one) that’s belted at the waist.  Once you have the dress ready, grab some cowgirl boots, a cowgirl hat and a fake rifle and you’ll be ready for your debut!

4 Annie Oakley Collage

Ellen Ochoa – Astronaut

In 1991 Ellen Ochoa became the first Hispanic female astronaut.  This inspiring STEM woman went on to log more than 950 hours in space and receive several awards from NASA – including the Exceptional Service Medal in 1997.  She is also a classical flutist and the photo above shows her playing the flute while in space!

Costume: Have a blue jump suit?  This is a great choice for you!  With a couple of makeshift patches (out of fabric or paper), create some fun NASA and American Flag badges and adorn your blue jumpsuit with them – don’t forget a name tag (Ellen Ochoa)!  Just a pair of white shoes and you’ll be ready to launch into Halloween.  If you play the flute, bring it along as a conversation starter!

6 Ellen Ochoa Collage

Of course there are many more possibilities. Share your inspiring costume idea with us!

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