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Girl Scout Spotlight on Troop 890

When observing Cadette Girl Scout Troop 890’s executive board meeting you might think you’re actually attending our council’s formal board meeting. The four executive board members follow an agenda put together by their president, utilize Robert’s Rules of Order, and vote on ideas to propose to their troop all while the secretary feverishly takes notes.


Troop 890, from Overland Park, Kansas is in their first year as Cadettes. They are looking forward to all the exciting things they get to do and the troop leaders are excited about the new ways they can be girl-led at this new level!

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Troop leader Becky Riggs, (or “Cricket” as the girls call her) brought the idea of forming an executive board to her troop.

Mackenzie, Troop President, recalls ‘Cricket’ saying something along the lines of ‘since you’re getting older you girls should do most of the work!’

And that’s true, to an extent of course…

“Sometimes we lose track of what we’re doing and start playing around. The leaders help redirect and also help operate the hot glue gun!” Samantha, the troop’s vice-president explained.


The President and Secretary share their Executive Board notebook with their Girl Scout sisters.

As you might have gathered, these girls are mature beyond their years and already see how this new format will benefit them.

“We need to get over our shyness,” Mackenzie said.

By the way Mackenzie led their board meeting, you would have never guessed that she considers herself shy.

There are four positions on the executive board, president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary; each one is elected by the troop.  Before the elections, every girl in the troop was given an information packet about executive boards and the roles and responsibilities of the positions. Girls then ran for the position that interested them.


“I’ve always liked doing math, so I thought I would be good at treasurer,” Lucy said.


The executive board will serve a six month term. At that time they will hold elections again and four new girls will serve on the board. This format will continue until all 12 girls have held a position.

The girl-led experience isn’t restricted to just the executive board, other Girl Scouts are still stepping up to lead activities in the troop meetings.

Abby has a special interest in archery and volunteered to lead the troop through steps of the archery badge. She attended the executive board meeting, so she knew what to expect at the troop meeting that week.


“From what I’ve seen tonight, they’re doing a pretty good job,” Abby said of her troop’s executive board!

The troop meeting that week ran smoothly with the leadership of the executive committee, the archery knowledge of Abby and the hot glue gun operating by Cricket! The troop completed the necessary steps to earn their archery badge and left the meeting prepared to complete the remaining steps at their campout the following weekend!


We can’t wait to see the leadership skills that the girls in Troop 890 develop in this girl-led format!

If you have questions about how troop leaders Becky and Kelly manage this girl-led format, we would be happy to connect you to them – let us know in the comments or send us an email to prdept@gsksmo.org!

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  • October 8, 2015 at 8:26 am

    This is awesome!! Preparing the girls to take up leadership roles in other organizations as they get older.

  • January 5, 2019 at 11:05 pm

    Sound great. The initiative gives out a proper outcome indeed. Hope that Everyone will be a great leader. I am impressed to see their group work. Thanksgiving task.


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