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A circle to Girl Scouts conjures up such memories from forever friendships to a unified bond with others who share the same values. Daisy’s Circle brings together individuals who want all girls to have an opportunity to experience Girl Scouting. These generous alumnae, lifetime members, moms, dads, volunteers and friends have made a monthly financial commitment to support Girl Scouting across our 47 counties.

Sherry volunteers at a special camp-out for Girl Scouts in our Outreach Program. Shower caps are on as a color war is about to begin.

Sherry volunteers at a special camp-out for Girl Scouts in our Outreach Program. Shower caps are on as a color war is about to begin.

Meet Sherry Gibbs, a founding member of Daisy’s Circle. Growing up in Queens, New York, Sherry was surrounded by strong female role models. Her mother, grandmother and Girl Scout troop leader were encouraging and pushed Sherry to set and reach for her goals.

Sherry fondly remembers her Girl Scout experience and like many Girl Scouts earning badges and cookie season were her favorite times. For Sherry, setting goals, learning new skills and ultimately feeling accomplishment was the definition of being a Girl Scout.

“Girl Scouting made me aware of all the cool things you could do,” Sherry said.

Those strong female role models and cool Girl Scout experiences led Sherry to attend the University of Pennsylvania, a prestigious Ivy League School and then onto Duke for graduate school where she earned her MBA. It was during her college experience where Sherry became increasingly aware that not every young woman was surrounded by inspiring role models like she had been.

Sherry worked hard, engaged in collegiate activities and ultimately began her career path back in New York City. So there she was comfortable in her career, in her 30s and single, Sherry was ready to step into volunteering. She tried a couple of opportunities, but those didn’t feel quite right.

“I fondly remembered my Girl Scout experience and thought this would be the perfect place to give my time,” Sherry said. “I knew the headquarters for Girl Scouts was in New York City, so I just called them to see what opportunities were available.”

Of course, there were plenty of opportunities. Sherry asked to volunteer near where she lived in Harlem. After training at Girl Scouts’ headquarters, Sherry was connected with troops at Salem United Methodist Church. With the support of another Girl Scout volunteer (Miss Marshall, whom Sherry still stays in touch with) she became the troop leader for 7 Junior Girl Scouts.

At Salem United Methodist Church, Girl Scouting was fully integrated. Girls would come every Saturday for their Girl Scout meeting and then it was off to choir or dancing making their stay at church an all-day affair. Sherry enjoyed opening the door to new things for these girls.

Of course, these Girl Scouts did plenty of things like badge earning, camping, field trips, including two trips skiing. For many of these girls, it was the very first time they tried skiing. Nearly every Saturday for four years, Sherry led and grew her troop of Juniors. The girls loved their experience so much that they would bring friends growing the troop to 28 girls.

Sherry’s volunteer experience was magical bringing her as much joy as she was bringing opportunities to her Girl Scouts. However as we all face in life, Sherry wanted to take career to the next level. This career advancement opportunity led Sherry to Kansas City and our council. Lucky us!!

After arriving to Kansas City, Sherry was settling into her career when she met her husband. After a little time off for career and family, Sherry was ready to step back into volunteering. Of course, Girl Scouts was the place. She volunteered at a local church for a while, but the set up wasn’t quite the same as in Harlem. It wasn’t the right fit, but Sherry would soon see that a better and broader fit was soon coming.

In 2012, Sherry was asked to join the GSKSMO Board of Directors. She is now able to lend her voice to 23,000 Girl Scouts in 47 counties.  Sherry believes whole heartedly that she must give her time, talent and treasure to empowering girls.

“I love sharing my story and showing girls someone who looks like them,” Sherry said. “I want girls to have opportunities that expand their horizons.”

Today, Sherry is the Director of Marketing leading 40 employees at GEHA, the second-largest national health plan and the second-largest national dental plan serving federal employees, federal retirees, and their families.

sherry 3

Sherry takes Girl Scouts on hike during the annual Outreach Program camp-out.

In addition to serving on the Board of Directors, Sherry volunteers with our Outreach Program. She has volunteered during troop meetings, Science City field trip and a favorite activity, the annual camp-out. Sherry loves watching girls discover the amazing outdoors.

“As girls climb the wall or zipline, they literally blossom and are so excited when they conquer their fear,” Sherry said. “Girl Scouts is all about experiences and letting girls try something they may never have an opportunity to try.”

In addition to giving her time and talents, Sherry gives her treasure. Sherry’s financial commitment is directed to girl organizations.

“I believe in the mission of Girl Scouts, and I want to do whatever I can to support more experiences for girls,” Sherry said.

Sherry is a proud founding member of Daisy’s Circle. Her favorite part of giving a monthly gift is the reminder of her gift she receives each time. This reminder showcases the impact of her gift.

Daisy’s Circle is a powerful circle with no beginning or ending. We need more members like Sherry and our more than 300 generous members. Do you share Sherry’s vision? Join our growing circle today! Learn more at www.daisyscircle.org.




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