Voluntaria Estrella: Denisse Osorio de Large


Like many of our volunteers, Denisse Osorio de Large is a Girl Scout Alumna. However, her Girl Scouting experience took place in Colombia, South America as part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)!

Denisse fondly remembers memories she made with her troop including trips to the capital with her troop, camp-outs and the uniforms she wore!


Denisse and her younger sister in their Girl Scout uniform in Colombia.

“We always had to be in full uniform!” Denisse explained. “It was really cool actually; when I saw Isabella’s pins, I recognized it as the International Girl Scout pin!”

Denisse moved to the United States more than 16 years ago to attend college and study computer programming. Her plan was never to stay in Kansas City, but as fate would have it, she met a fella named Steven through a mutual Colombian friend.

Like Denisse, Steven also had fond memories of Scouting as a child. He was one of the youngest Boy Scouts in Weston, Missouri to earn the Eagle Scout Award.

Naturally (we believe!), Steven and Denisse hit it off!

Fast-forward a few years and Denisse is the mother of a second-year Daisy Girl Scout, Isabella, a future Girl Scout, Olivia and the wife of the troop leader! And in the Large household, the family celebrates their Colombian heritage and speaks solely Spanish; all four members of the family are bi-lingual!


So when we had the idea to translate our most informative recruitment piece, Why Girl Scouts, to Spanish, we knew just who to ask!

Lucky for us, Denisse said yes!

Thanks to Denisse’s knowledge of Girl Scouts and her fluency in Spanish, she helped us create a piece that will benefit thousands of other Spanish speaking families in our council’s area.

It is no small task to translate a four-page document into Spanish! It would take a professional translator more than eight hours to do so.

“You have to make sure the words mean what you intend them to mean to your audience in that language,” Denisse said.

For example, she explained that ‘muchacha’ is a typical Spanish word for young girl, however ‘muchacha’ has a negative connotations in some Latin American countries.

Today, Denisse is a Director of Population Health  Engineering Operations at Cerner and the chapter leader of Girl Develop It, Kansas City – a nonprofit that teaches adult women computer coding. When she and Steven attended the Girl Scout info session last year with Isabella, Denisse didn’t feel that she had the capacity to serve as a troop leader but still wanted to see her daughter and her friends have a Girl Scout experience.

“I already made the commitment to Girl Develop It, I couldn’t take on one more thing,” Denisse said.

So, Steven stepped up!

Steven told Denisse ‘If I would have had boys, I would have helped with Boy Scouts, so why shouldn’t my girls have the same opportunity?’

Well said, Steven!


At Girl Scouts, we need volunteers in all different capacities and we are forever grateful to Denisse for her translation skills and to Steven for being the leader of Daisy Girl Scout Troop 1095!

If you are looking to volunteer for Girl Scouts, as a troop leader or in another capacity, we need you! We are happy to provide more details and connect you with opportunities in your area of interest and where you reside. Just email us to begin that conversation, and know that you are saying YES to building our next generation of leaders!

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