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Did you know that more than half of the women in business are Girl Scout alumnae? And, 57% of these alumnae credit the Girl Scout Cookie Program in the development of their skills today. Meet Casey Simmons, a Girl Scout alumna who exemplifies these statistics.

Casey Simmons is one-half of the dynamic duo who own STUFF, a store located in Brookside that caters to one’s creative spirit and unique personality. We would be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to the other half of the STUFF duo, S. Sloane Simmons. That’s right, Casey and Sloane are sisters in business, together for more than 20 years. Well, if you go back to their Girl Scout Cookie business, it’s like 40+ years in business!

Casey remembers her Girl Scout experience fondly. Like many younger sisters, Casey’s experience started before she was officially a Girl Scout as she watched (and yes, took part in some of the activities) that her older sister was doing. Casey’s mom and dad played an active volunteer role in supporting Sloane’s troop, which meant as a younger sister she tagged along too.

“There was always Girl Scout stuff going on in our house,” Casey said. “Girl Scouting was just a part of our family.”

When Casey became a Girl Scout, she remembers building new friendships facilitated by the girls only and learning how to make decisions. However, her fondest memories are all about camping. As Casey describes, getting to go to camp was “everything” and such a privilege. There were summers where she and her sister went to multiple sessions of resident camp. She would spend several years following writing to her new camp friends.

“I earned the privilege to go to camp, and once I did that the experience changed me,” Casey said. “I literally came home a new person, because at camp I had to learn to do things for myself like work as a team to lift a metal canoe overhead, walk it down to the shoreline and launch it.”

It was at camp that Casey learned she could try something new and overcome a challenge. Girl Scouts gave Casey an incredible perspective first by coming together with girls from different walks of life at camp. Then, it was seeing Girl Scouts as a worldwide sisterhood.

“My first global view came from Girl Scouts,” Casey said. “I was in awe to learn we were everywhere and together could do great things to change our world.”

"This is the reason I believe so much in Girl Scouts!” Junior Girl Scout Troop 678 takes part in a self-esteem activity with the UMKC Women’s Center.

“This is the reason I believe so much in Girl Scouts!” Junior Girl Scout Troop 678 takes part in a self-esteem activity with the UMKC Women’s Center.

To fund her new experiences and community service, Casey learned early about the impact participating in the Cookie Program could have. She fondly remembers first supporting her sister by unloading and lining up the orders in the living room. Running a business was something that came naturally, after all Casey grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. She watched her parents develop and set up several businesses throughout her childhood.

“The Girl Scout Cookie business was just another small business for our family, but this time I had a chance to run it,” Casey said.

As Casey remembers, the Girl Scout Cookie Program was the very first business that she and Sloane did together.

So let’s fast forward… Today, Casey and Sloane run an incredibly successful business together, as sisters. They each bring a set of skills that together facilitate every aspect needed. Casey loves the marketing side while Sloane loves inventory. Brilliant! And just think it all started in the family living room! Can’t you see it – Casey developing the marketing plan to meet their goal while Sloane makes sure orders are sorted and ready for delivery?

In addition to their business savvy, Casey and Sloane’s Girl Scout “make a difference” mantra continues. These women want to give back to the community that raised them. They want to lift up the creative individuals in our community. 70% of the items STUFF sells is made by individuals in the Kansas City community. In addition, they host parties to benefit local non-profits. Most of these parties are held during the holiday season through their Season of Giving.

“We want to raise awareness and much needed funds for these difference-makers across our community,” Casey said.

It is with great excitement that we announce STUFF has selected our council as one of its charity partners. We hope you will join us from 5:30 – 7:00 pm on Wednesday, November 18. Come meet these incredible Girl Scout alumnae and buy a gift or two for a friend or family member. It’s time to start that shopping and just think 15% of all purchases during this special time will be donated to GSKSMO.

Running a business is hard work, but these two incredible sisters continue to make time to help others. They serve on community boards and advise others in business and marketing. We are thrilled that Casey is on our Board of Directors. And even better, she is a co-troop leader for Junior GS Troop 678 with a special member, her daughter. Yes, Girl Scouting continues to the next generation!

Thank you, STUFF and Casey & Sloane Simmons for all you do! We are so proud to have you as Girl Scout alumnae! Don’t forget to stop by STUFF on November 18!

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