New Experiences and a World of Girl Scout Sisters


According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 90% of parents say their daughter has more new experiences through Girl Scouts than other after school activities. While these activities come in all different types, we know many of them are in the form of outdoor adventure and learning opportunities such as archery, zipline, rappel and equestrian encounters!

This past weekend we caught up with the Brownie and Junior troops from the Islamic Center in Johnson County who were experiencing horses for the first time through our Equestrian Program!


For Girl Scout Brownie Fatima, this was her first time ever being around horses. Assigned to a horse named Jack, Fatima spent a good amount of time grooming him while they each got comfortable with each other before the riding session. While Fatima was patiently holding his reigns and awaiting further instruction, she was asked if she was excited to ride. She took a deep breath, and her eyes opened wide and she softly and calmly said, “I’m nervous.”

The the great thing about trying new things as a Girl Scout is that you’re not alone. You have a great support system of fellow Girl Scout sisters including staff, leaders and troop members encouraging you to conquer your fears and succeed!

As it came time to move Jack from the stall to the arena, Fatima bravely walked him in a line of horses all being led by her Girl Scout sisters. In the arena, she carefully listened to instructions and then climbed onto her horse. While nestled safely on Jack’s back, emotions started to come over her. For the first time that afternoon, Fatima became visibly nervous. One of the Wranglers took notice and within moments had Fatima’s nerves calmed. The Wrangler stuck by Fatima and Jack’s side for a couple laps around the arena. As Fatima’s smile grew larger with each lap, the Wrangler knew that all was well and that Fatima was ready to ride Jack all by herself.

Fatima gets ready to take Jack into the arena!

Fatima gets ready to take Jack into the arena!

Fatima’s troop at the Islamic Center of Johnson County is only in their second year of Girl Scouting. Last year troop leader Nilofar Yasmin utilized our Community Programs taking Girl Scouts to Sealife aquarium, martial arts classes and the Coterie Theatre just to name a few! This year they are excited about the outdoor adventure and learning opportunities, such as the Equestrian Program, and have big plans to zipline and attend family camp!

“They’re learning and having so much fun building their confidence as a group of just girls,” Nilofar said. “In Girl Scouts, it’s girl led and empowering our girls to be leaders.”


While new adventures can be scary, they can also be some of the most rewarding experiences that girls like Fatima have. When girls try new things through Girl Scouts, they are supported by those they can trust. Tackling one new experience gives them the courage to say “yes” to the next new adventure because they have built confidence within themselves thanks to the support from their Girl Scout sisters.

Sisterhood might be the thing that Nilofar loves the most about Girl Scouts. “Our Girl Scouts are sisters to each other, all Girl Scouts all over the world. That is amazing to me.”

Is your troop trying something new? We would love to come along with you and share your story. Leave your comments below or email to share photos and tell us more!


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