Building a Lifetime of Skills and Confidence


As Girl Scouts gear up for the start of Cookie Season, troop leaders are talking about the 5 skills in troop meetings and girls are starting  to sales goals for themselves! For many Girl Scouts, their goals are often based on the different recognition levels and prizes that they can earn! And why wouldn’t they be?! There are some pretty neat things girls can earn – like two tickets to Girl Scout Day at the K suite tickets for four to this special day, passes to Worlds of Fun and tons of Cookie Dough!

Those material recognitions are all great for Girl Scout Cadette Abby L. from Lawrence, Kansas; but, they’re not why she sells Cookies each year. She’s driven to sell Girl Scout Cookies so her troop can invest and make an impact in their community.

As Juniors, Troop 1550 collectively sold 2,215 packages in 2015 and decided to use their earnings to build a garden at Prairie Park Elementary school as their Take Action Project for the Bronze Award.

“Selling cookies might be hard sometimes, but what you can do at the end to help your community with the money you earn is worth it,” Abby said.

Now that Troop 1550 is in middle school, the Lawrence School board has taken over the project to ensure sustainability. There are plans to plant and maintain organic produce in the garden this summer and the new Daisy troop at Prairie Park is even growing earthworms for the project!


Abby on the far left, with her troop and their garden boxes!

As Cadettes this year, Troop1550 will be reinvesting their GS Cookie earnings at their service unit Brownie Play Date in the Spring where they will introduce their Girl Scout Brownie sisters to camping and all that outdoor adventure and learning has to offer! The girls are still brainstorming activities, but you can count on a station about the art of s’more making (because no campout is complete without a good ol’ s’more) and dump cakes!

The Cookie Program is teaching Abby and the other girls in Troop 1550 the 5 Skills – Business Ethics, People Skills, Decision-Making , Money Management,  Goal Setting.

“You learn communicating and how profit works – you have to do a lot of math!” Abby explained. “If you want to sell more cookies you should get out there. Always ask an adult to help you spread the word like using a social media site or going to others’ homes in your neighborhood!”

What is your troop planning to do with their GS Cookie earnings this year?! Tell us in the comments below! Wishing all of our troops an awesome cookie season!

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