Community Partner Spotlight: KC Healthy Kids


Where can Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors set personal health goals, investigate how neighborhoods can promote or hinder health, write to city leaders about barriers to health they have seen in their own community and, as a troop, develop a troop an action plan to improve the health of their neighborhood?! At KC Healthy Kids, that’s where!


KC Healthy Kids rally the people in our communities to improve access to affordable fresh food and safe places to walk and play. One way they’re doing that is through programming designed specifically for Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors! In these programs, Girl Scouts will think critically about their own health habits, work collaboratively to create a take action project helping them advance the work they are doing in Brownie Quest and Agent of Change Journeys as well as the Power of a Team and Power of a Community awards.

By examining their own health habits and setting a goal for improvement, girls will also work to earn a few steps in their “My Best Self” Badge!

The best part? KC Healthy Kids will provide technical support and information on community partnerships to assist in the troop’s action plan!

Girl Scout Troop 1236 from Roeland Park, Kansas attended a workshop with KC Healthy Kids this past fall and decided to write letters to their city’s mayor identifying ways the community can help or hinder healthy habits and were recognized at the Roeland Park City Council Meeting in November for their advocacy!


These Girl Scouts shared some of their ideas and concerns with Mayor Joel Marquardt and the Council members. The girls received a certificate from the city for their work, and they look forward to the next steps of creating a healthier community!

“It was so much fun to work with these amazing girls and troop leaders,” Michelle Dake, KC Healthy Kids youth advocacy educator said.

What ideas will your Girl Scout troop come up with?! Register your troop for either of the Spring workshops on February 27 or April 16 and let their advocacy begin!


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