A Look Inside Cookie Construction: Team Elemental Dragonettes



This is it, the final Cookie Construction team update! On March 5 the Elemental Dragonettes along with the six other teams will descend upon Crown Center to finally construct their designs using  a total of 7,000 (1,000 each team) Girl Scout Cookie boxes!

The Elemental Dragonnetes have been working as a team with their female design mentors Trudy Faulkner (Strata Architecture), Claire Ashbrook (Strat Architecture) and Jamie Swanpoel (Atlantic Engineering).

One of the unique things about Cookie Construction is that Girl Scouts are coming together from various troops, never having met, let alone worked together on a project before. Girl Scouts on these teams are making new friends and learning how to work as part of cohesive team, identifying each other’s skillsets and trusting one another to complete their individual work for the greater team. As in any team, it takes time to build that trust in one another and begin working together as a whole.

Team members are assembling boxes to begin construction!

Team members are assembling boxes to begin construction!

The mentors recall the first meeting of Elemental Dragonettes and how the girls approached this project as “very much individuals.” Since their first meeting back in September, she has seen them all come together as the team she knew they would be.

“Since that first meeting, they’ve taken ownership of the design and have come out of their shells and stepped into leadership positions directing discussions and finding ways to integrate their thoughts while supporting each other’s ideas,” Jamie explained.

Jamie wasn’t the only one to observe the team’s progression. Girl Scout, Paige Rhoads, also recalls how their team has grown to work together over the past five months.

“This isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It took some time to become a team,” Paige Rhoads said.

Team members are doing a dry run of building their structure to make sure the plans are correct!

Team members are doing a dry run of building their structure to make sure the plans are correct!

Now with dedicated roles and responsibilities within the team, the Elemental Dragonettes have divided the elements (pun intended!) up within smaller teams and are working diligently to get many of the aspects completed before Build Day on March 5. While we can’t tell you exactly what they’re building, we can tell you that they’ve written a story to go along with their build! The story captures how these Girl Scouts feel about outdoor adventure, which also happens to be the theme of this year’s program –Dream. Design. Do. Outdoor Adventure.

We’ll leave you with a snippet of their story, but be sure to join them on March 5 to read the story in its entirety and see their amazing final structure come to life at Crown Center!

There once was a girl named Ama. She was taught not to believe in her fantastical dreams. One year, she was sent to the awesome camp Daisy Hindman. When she arrived, she felt a good aura as she entered the camp. That night, she fell fast asleep not knowing the adventure that awaited her.

In her dreams, she dreamed of all the awesome experiences she had at this camp, including canoeing, archery, zip-lining, and roasting marshmallows. She dreamed of a mountain with her cabin at the top, and all of her friends around the camp fire with her. She felt a whoosh of happiness. Then, her friends disappeared and she wandered outside her cabin. A wave of magical energy spread around her…   …To be continued!


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