A Look Inside Cookie Construction: Team Galaxy Girls


Guest Blog Post by Sara Babcock

This look in on Cookie Construction 2016, Team Galaxy Girls is brought to you firsthand by Girl Scout Ambassador Sara Babcock!  

Hi, My name is Sara Babcock and I am a Girl Scout Ambassador. When I joined Team Galaxy Girls for the Cookie Construction program I had no idea how much hard work, knowledge and joy I would get from this amazing experience.

In our first meeting we decided to create smaller groups focused on what they add to the overall design. Myself, my friend and fellow troop member Roxie Cody and her sister Lily are the oldest in the group, but that doesn’t change anything about how we work.

I feel that this is said best by mentor Erin Mumm, “There is no hierarchy in the group, they all come to decisions based on a collective effort.”

It’s true, that everyone in the group has an equal voice, even though I am in 11th grade and others are in 7th. In fact, I would have never thought of some the ideas that the younger girls have. They are amazingly creative and insightful in ways that I sometimes think adults can forget.


“I like how this is so creative. We can build whatever we want.” relates Zoe Meyer.

The concepts that we are bringing to life using only cookie boxes (and glue) are something that I would have never thought of alone, but together it is possible. Our team doesn’t only have the benefit of input from older more experienced girls, but also girl scouts whose imaginations will blow you out of this world.

Of course, our ideas would not be possible without our mentors, Erin Mumm (International Architects), Erin Hylton (International Architects), Elizabeth Amirahmadi (International Architects) and Kate Moeder (Hollis & Miller). These mentors take time out of their day to volunteer to help with the Cookie Construction program.

Every meeting, one mentor sits down with each group to help flesh out and make our ideas possible. Our meetings always add something new to the design, even in the meetings later on in the program the design is fluid.

“I’ve learned that there are multiple ways to create and build something.” says Victoria Major.

An Girl Scout Ambassador is the last level a girl can reach. Being one, and still participating in meaningful Girl Scout projects, is sometimes difficult because you have so many other responsibilities in school.


Working with Team Galaxy Girls is not just teaching me about skills I need for the future, but doing so in a fun, interesting and exciting way.

Team Galaxy Girls will build their structures on March 5 at Crown Center where they will compete with six other teams for the Juror’s Choice Award. You can vote on the People’s Choice Award March 5 – 26!

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Coming soon: Elemental Dragonettes!

Follow the progress right here on the GSKSMO Blog and through our social media #gscookiebuild

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