A Look Inside Cookie Construction: Team Treehouse Masters


The boxes are in and Team Treehouse Masters has officially begun building elements of their structure for Cookie Construction 2016!

Team Treehouse Masters is being led by a team of five female design professionals: Laura Beth Cochran – Momenta,  Natalie Gillaspie – Momenta, Sarah Hunting – KH Engineering Group; Emily Tilgner, McCownGordon Construction and Emily Brown – McCownGordon Construction.

When we caught up with this team, they were hard at work firming up their plans and getting down to building pieces that would be a part of their larger design!


Girl Scout Ambassador, Laurie G. was hard at work putting her team’s design details into AutoCad, a computer-aided drafting software program used in the design field for creating blueprints for buildings. These blue prints that Laurie is creating will a part of the team’s construction documents (CDs) that they provide to the judges. The CDs are what give the judges information on how each design is built!

This is Laurie’s first year in the Cookie Construction program, but she is no stranger to the design and engineering fields! She has a huge love for the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and sees herself pursuing a STEM career when she graduates high school.

“I want to go into engineering and saw Cookie Construction as a way to do both Girl Scouts and engineering,” Laurie said!


We’re keeping all the design details a secret. We don’t want to ruin the surprise (and hard work) before Build Day happens on March 5, but if you’re really curious as to what this team has planned you can take a hint from their team name!

“The girls developed a strong vision early on and their final design will follow initial design concepts, building on them to create a sense of story! Laura Beth explained. “In each iteration of the design, the girls’ documents and models have improved, in their understanding of scale and proportion and in their overall efforts in space making!”


Mentors Laura Beth and Natalie have both been impressed with the maturity of the girls on their team. Although they have girls from 6th grade through 11th, they are seeing them all come together and work as a team.

“I am amazed at their creativity and understanding of how things are put together,” Natalie explained. “It is very obvious to me that these girls are going to be a force in the construction, engineering and architecture fields!”

The Treehouse Masters’ structure will come together with the other six teams’ on March 5 for Build Day. They will have approximately 5 hours to bring their design to life before a panel of jurors evaluate each one and award one lucky team the Juror’s Choice Award!

See the other team’s progress:

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Coming soon: Team Galaxy Girls and the Elemental Dragonettes!

Follow the progress on our website, on the GSKSMO Blog and through our social media #gscookiebuild

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  • October 10, 2018 at 2:31 am

    The project sounds very interesting and I hope these women find some good motivation. And it´s an awesome project.

    I hope you keep on doing this work


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