It’s World Thinking Day!

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Did you know that Girl Scouts have been celebrating World Thinking Day since 1926?! This fun and exciting day takes place on February 22 and is where Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across the world come together to celebrate our global sisterhood.

World Thinking Day 2016 theme is “Connect.” Girl Scouts and Girl Guides will explore and celebrate the connections that make life happier.

When you’re a Girl Scout, you’re part of something much bigger than just your troop or group. Your “network” stretches across your state, throughout the nation, and to more than 150 countries in the world where Girl Scouts or Girl Guides are found. Together, we’re a powerful force!

World Thinking Day is a way to give thanks for the inspiring international friendships that we as Girl Scouts are a part of, and to celebrate the many ways these friendships enrich our lives, expand our worldviews, and drive us to create meaningful change for everyone.

For many Girl Scouts across our council, they celebrate sisterhood with international fairs. Troops and individual Girl Scouts select a country to focus on. The girls spend weeks preparing their vivid displays, planning their clothing choice, making food and fun trinkets and learning all about their chosen country to share with others. On the day of the event, girls receive a passport and they travel from booth to booth learning all about the various countries, tasting food and purchasing the small trinkets. So in essence, they travel the world in just a couple of hours!

This past weekend we caught up with several service units who filled their passports by learning all about various cultures and filling their bellies with different cultural cuisines -see the slideshow below!

How is your troop or Girl Scout celebrating this year?! Share with us in the comment section below!


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