A Perfect Pair

What two organizations have the following in common?

  1. The color green.
  2. Instilling confidence in young women.

Why it’s Girl Scouts and Kappa Delta!

Each year more than 14,000 collegiate Kappa Delta Sorority members host Girl Scouts of all ages for confidence-building and anti-bullying events, International Girls Day celebrations and other activities at 156 college campuses across the country. This relationship, forged in 1998, is based on shared organizational values of honesty, integrity, friendship and girl leadership.

Financial Literacy Night with the KU Kappa Delta chapter!

Financial Literacy Night with the KU Kappa Delta chapter!

We’re fortunate to have TWO Kappa Delta chapters working with Girl Scouts in our council – one chapter at the University of Kansas and another at Kansas State University. These two chapters have put in countless hours with Girl Scouts by hosting fun and skill-building activities and supporting cookie efforts for girls.

It’s not just the Girl Scouts who are reaping the benefits of this relationship. The Kappa Delta members are benefitting as well.

“Kappa Delta’s relationship with the Girl Scouts is definitely a unique one.  In some ways we are a teacher or a role model, we are also an assistant to them while they sell Girl Scout cookies, but we are also like a big sister and friend to each them,” K-State Kappa Delta member, Marissa Haake said.

For KU Kappa Delta, Mary Sniezek, working with the Girl Scouts is a welcomed break in her crazy college schedule.

“I was really stressed with project I had due the week of our Girl Scout event. I took a break to hang out with the Girl Scouts and it was so much fun I stopped worrying about everything I had to get done, I got to just act like a kid again and have fun,” she said.

2015 Kappa Delta Cookie Challenge at K-State!

2015 Kappa Delta Cookie Challenge at K-State!

On March 3, the K-State and KU Kappa Delta chapters will face off for the third year in a row to see which school can sell the most Girl Scout Cookies in an evening! What began as a little impromptu and friendly competition in 2014, has turned into full-fledged battle between the Kappa Delta chapters. The first year nearly 800 boxes of cookies sold were sold and that number doubled to 1,600 in 2015!

Going into the third annual competition, the schools both have a year of victory under their belts. So, who will take home the coveted golden Thin Mint this year?!


Watch the progress at #KDGSCookieChallenge on social media and visit our Facebook page for the results!

We’re so thrilled to partner with the Kappa Delta chapters at KU and K-State and we thank them for all they do for our Girl Scouts!