Bringing the Girl Scout Swagger from Georgia to Kansas

Spotlighting Gold Award Alumna Tiffany Hogan

When Tiffany Hogan earned her Gold Award in 1999, little did she know that her Girl Scout experience was only just beginning.  She grew up in the small town of Milledgeville, GA and had what she considers the all-around Girl Scout experience!

She fondly remembers all of her troop leaders and the experiences that they provided her. There was Miss Beth and Miss Barbara when she was younger and then Miss Patsy as she grew older in Girl Scouts. “Miss Patsy had the vision then gave us Girl Scouts the tools and let us go,” Tiffany explained.

Her troop camped a lot. She recalls taking a spring break trip to Key West and when they were talking through the details, Miss Patsy proudly explained to the troop that they would STILL be camping! Miss Patsy wasn’t going to let them miss out on that experience!

Tiffany worked her way all through Girl Scouts, earning her Bronze, Silver AND Gold Awards.

“I remember the ceremony and the feeling so supported in what I had accomplished,” Tiffany recalled.


Tiffany went on to pursue and marketing and management undergraduate degree at the Mercer College and was a first generation college graduate in her family. After graduation she worked her way up to a senior leadership position doing real estate marketing and found herself back in Milledgeville leading the re-visioning and reconstruction on her community’s mall turned community center. A project that landed her a key to the city and a “Tiffany Hogan Day” in her hometown! “It felt good to go home and make a difference again,” Tiffany said.

Fast forward nearly 10 years and now Tiffany owns her own family law practice in Olathe, KS. So how does one go from running the marketing initiatives of a real estate management company to running her own law practice?

Two words, Girl Scouts.

Looking back on her Girl Scout experience, Tiffany recognizes that every activity and adventure she did was truly molding her into the professional she would become.

“Girl Scouts prepared me for my career today,” Tiffany admits.

In fact, all the Girl Scouts that Tiffany graduated with are now professionals. One of her Girl Scout sisters is a nurse in their hometown and another teaches English at a school in France, just to name a couple.

Tiffany has never strayed far from Girl Scouts. When she was in college she volunteered with the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Council bringing the Girl Scout experience to underserved girls in Akon, GA and today Tiffany is newly appointed Girl Scout Gold Award Advisor for our council and she even got to meet Anna Maria Chavez at our Inspire a Girl event last weekend!


We are so excited to have Tiffany bring her wealth of knowledge, experience and her very own Girl Scout Swagger to the next class of Gold Award recipients! In fact, Tiffany has some great advice for those girls already, “embrace Girl Scouts, take advantage of everything it has to offer!”

Do you know a Girl Scout Highest Awards alumna we should spotlight? Drop us a note in the comments section below.

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