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E-N-E-R-G-Y – it’s all around us, but how much do we actually think about energy? Not just the energy that powers your bulbs, but also what powers our bodies. Girl Scout Troop 1552 from Eudora, KS took a look at what fuels the world around us to complete their Get Moving Journey.

Stacey Watts has been leading the troop of 6 Juniors for 3 years. Her daughter, Sarah, has been in Girl Scouts for four years. The girls are all in 5th grade and go to Eudora Elementary School. The six girls of troop 1552, Trinity S., Haley B., Sarah Watts, Addy D., Sophia N. and Jerralyn T., have varying amounts of years in Girl Scouts, but you’d think they’d all been together since they were Daisies when you watch them work.

For their Get Moving Journey, the troop wanted to come up with a physical project that was the result of what they learned. The girls decided they wanted to make a project involving energy. That’s when the lightbulb went off for Stacey: “there’s 6 girls, there’s 6 letters, so each girl got a letter.” Breaking out the word, they assigned E – Electricity, N – Nature, E – Exercise, R – Recycling, G – Green Energy, Y – Your Space. Through their letters they learned about how energy impacts all areas of our lives.

“The girls came up with their own ideas and they bring the stuff for it, then on the back, they put a personal thing so it was about them,” said Stacey. Each girl was given passages from the Journey to help her learn and come up with ideas. Once they had completed their letters, the girls prepared short presentations. To help the girls become better public speakers, troop 1552 presented their letters to a Brownie and Daisy troop. They gave the Daisies coloring sheet to give them an art project with the presentation.

Troop Group Photo

Despite some nerves and being new to public speaking, the girls did an excellent job of teaching the younger girls. Afterwards, they gave the audience some awesome tips about conserving energy – like turning your car engine off if you’re idling for more than 10 seconds. Way to go, Girl Scouts!


Beyond their work on the Get Moving Journey, troop 1552 has had some great Girl Scout experiences, like learning about the election process from Eudora Mayor, Ruth Hughes, going to Worlds of Fun, Schlitterbahn waterpark, camping, and visiting the Eudora Fire Station! The troop even has a facebook page to share their adventures.

Each girl in troop 1552 has a very different personality, which Stacey thinks makes it a particularly good experience for them because they are learning to get along with people who are different. The troop crest is the lightning bolt because “it stands for very out there and all over the place because that’s what lighting is,” said Girl Scout Sarah. Even though they’re all different, together, they’re a sisterhood.


For leader Stacey, Girl Scouts gives her the opportunity to be a mentor: “I can be that person who can help them achieve goals and projects they wouldn’t normally do,” said Stacey.

The girls are also working on their Bronze award and hoping to do an outdoor project. They’re started talking to the local Parks & Recreation department to see where they might be able to help the community. What an awesome way to start the Girl Scout journey to gold! The collaborative goals are what Stacey loves about Girl Scouts as a mom. “What I love about Girl Scouts it that any girl can be a Girl Scout. You don’t have to excel in any specific area – you just get to be around other girls and work on stuff that makes you better,” said Stacey.

You can check out the letters from their Get Moving Journey at the United Way building in Eudora where they will be on display. We are so proud of the work being done by troop 1552! Thank you for helping your community and for having dedication to girls! What an energizing Girl Scout experience.

If you know of a troop with an awesome Girl Scout experience, comment below!


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