5 Ways to Preserve Your Girl Scout Memories

Preserving Girl Scout memories in unique ways helps ensure that precious badges and vests don’t get lost as girls move and continue on the adventure of life. Girl Scouts want to show off the work they did in previous grade levels. We’ve collected 5 great ideas on ways to preserve Girl Scout memories – whether your Girl Scout is heading into college or into 2nd grade.

Bridging Vest to Tote – Save the vest from your Girl Scout’s previous level by turning it into a book bag for her new Journey books. The second style shown below is geared more for adults and is a larger bag (it may be Boy Scouts, but we still love it). Here are a few tutorials we’ve found (Jean messenger bag, original Daisy Bag post – no pattern, collection of free messenger bag tutorials, This pattern is great for the adult version).


T-Shirt Quilt – Who doesn’t LOVE a comfy quilt? These are especially great for active Girl Scouts with a LOT of activity and camp shirts. These would make awesome graduation gifts or help clean out the closet for your active Girl Scout! Check out these tutorials to get you started. Dimensions & Tutorial and Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • GS Quick Tip: Front “pocket” designs don’t have to be discarded! If you’re making 12.5×12.5 squares for your normal shirt designs, cut each pocket design in a 6.5”x6.5” square, sew 4 together and you’ll have a 12.5”x12.5” pocket square to mix in! (This tutorial uses 9 pocket designs and larger overall squares, so do whatever works best for your stock!)


Time Capsule – Blast from the past! Here’s a unique way to help your Girl Scout save keepsakes now and relive memories later! Create a time capsule from a metal or other sturdy material container. Fill it with a few small items (letters, patches, photos, etc) from her Girl Scout years and bury it some place special. Be sure to write the date to open it and in 5, 10, 20 years, she can visit the spot, open the time capsule and remember Girl Scouts! Check out these great tips for how to make one.


Keepsake Pillow – Nothing is better than coming home and snuggling up with memories. Turn your Girl Scout’s vest into a keepsake pillow! Not only will this keep her Girl Scout accomplishments in sight, it’s great to ease homesickness for girls leaving home for the first time. Use this tutorial to help guide you, only instead of normal fabric, you’ll need to sew together pieces of the vests to make a piece large enough to cut into a square!


Shadow Box – Pretty as a picture! Help keep your Girl Scout’s vest and badges safe and on display by putting them in a shadow box. It’s an easy way to make a beautiful piece of art that your Girl Scout can use for years to come.


These are just a few tips to help get you started on saving those precious Girl Scout memories. If you have a unique way to show off Girl Scout accomplishments for years to come, share in the comments below!

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