Cookies for a Cause

Top Cookie Share Seller, Rebecca McCreight

For Girl Scout Cadette Rebecca McCreight, Cookie Season is about more than earning a stuffed animal or Royals tickets. It’s about meeting her goals and selling for a cause.

This year Rebecca sold a total of 2,057 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. But that’s not the most impressive part…she sold 335 boxes alone for Cookie Share, an initiative that lets girls ask customer if they would like to buy a box or more to be donated.

Rebecca (right) also sold more than 2,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in 2015!

Rebecca (right) also sold more than 2,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in 2015!

Girl Scouts around the country partner with the USO to donate Girl Scout Cookies to those in the military. Here locally, we work with Ft. Riley, Ft. Leavenworth and Whiteman Air Force Base to distribute cookies!

Rebecca credits her troop leader and mom, Beth McCreight with inspiring her to work to give back. “My mom volunteers a lot in the community!”

Before Cookie Season each year, Rebecca sets a goal for herself and then holds herself accountable by telling each of her customers her goal. That way, when she sees them again later in the season, she can encourage them to purchase additional cookies to help her reach that goal!

This year something special happened, Rebecca really connected with the Cookie Share program. Not because she has family in the military or close friends who have parents who are on active duty, but because she thought it was a good opportunity to give back through Girl Scouts, just like her mom does.

Rebecca (right) with her Girl Scout sister Kori, selling cookies!

Rebecca (right) with her Girl Scout sister Kori, selling cookies!

So when Rebecca was interacting with her customers for a second and third time this season, she found that to be the perfect opportunity to ask if they would like to help her reach her cookie goal by providing cookies for our military. After all, she knows a person can only keep so many boxes in their freezer before they run out of room!

“Cookie Share is important because those who are over the seas might want something sweet and happy when they’re missing their families,” Rebecca explained.

It’s no surprise that the other girls in Troop 27 look up to Rebecca.

At one of their first booths, she came up with the idea to use the empty cases to make costumes and create a little song and dance. “The first time she did the song/dance, she sold 150 packages in 2 hours!  She was hooked and had girls from her troop participate in the routine to draw more customers,” Beth said.

Another observation that Beth has made is how Rebecca is personable with her customers, always giving them a friendly smile and “have a nice day” whether they buy or not. “This gesture causes many of the no’s to become yes’s and lead to the cookie share numbers and cookie sales,” she explained.

If your Girl Scout wants to set her sights high like Rebecca, she has a few tips for you:

  1. Set up booths at banks – it’s likely those customers will have cash!
  2. Sell around Valentine’s Day –who doesn’t like cookies for Valentine’s Day?!
  3. Set a goal and work towards it – If you meet your goal early in the season, set a higher goal for yourself!
  4. People want to help you reach your goals – ask them to donate to Cookie Share if they don’t want to buy for themselves!

Isn’t Rebecca one smart cookie?! We can’t wait to celebrate Rebecca and our other top cookie sellers at Girl Scout Day at the K on June 26!

Do you have a story about your Girl Scouts’ cookie selling experience? Let us know in the comments below!


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