Goal Setting to Give Kids the World


Spotlight on Troop 1945

It’s pretty safe to assume that when a Girl Scout sets a goal, she is going to achieve it. It’s even more likely when a troop sets the goal together and works as a team to achieve it. And that’s exactly what Cadette Troop 1945 from Kansas City, MO did.

When troop member Logan Rader went on a mission trip to Give Kids the World Village, a nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families, she left knowing that she wanted to return and knew just who to return with –  her Girl Scout troop. 

And it didn’t take much convincing of her Girl Scout sisters.

Logan, Christina, Lauren and Tehya have been in Troop 1945 since they were Brownies. While others have come and gone, this tribe of four has remained together.

Like any big trip, this was going to cost money so the girls and their leaders made a plan – they would participate in the product sales programs (Candy, Nuts & Magazines and Cookies) and save their troop proceeds every year until they had enough money to pay for the trip. They estimated that it would take them at least three years. They did it in two.

At the end of Cookie season 2015, they realized that they had beaten their goal by a year and that they would be able to take their trip this summer. So in true Girl Scout fashion, they sat down again to plan their trip all out. From where they would stay, how they would travel and what other activities they would do in addition to their service work at Give Kids the World Village. Taking into account that Walt Disney World is only 30 minutes from Give Kids the World; they didn’t have a hard decision to make when it came to choosing their extracurricular activities!


All in all, Troop 1945 was in Florida for six days, working three at Give Kids the World and having a couple days of fun at the theme park. Their work at Give the Kids the World involved working food and snack stations and interacting with the kids.

“It was amazing to help them just be kids even though we knew they were dealing with so much more,” Logan said.

This troop is an excellent example of what being in a Girl Scout troop is all about. They have identified each other’s strong suits and each bring something different to the group. Christina is an amazing artist and she designed the girls’ shirts for the trip. Logan is the facilitator and helps guide the girls to making decisions. Tehya is the caregiver, making sure everyone is all set and on the same page; and Lauren is the energizer, always keeping everyone in high spirits.

As new Girl Scout Seniors, they still have four more years to set and accomplish more goals together and you better believe that they are dreaming BIG with their goal – like out of the country, BIG!

“Whatever we do, we know we want it to involve a service project” Logan said.


And if you’re wondering about their plans for the Gold Award projects – they are all in the process of thinking and planning – don’t you worry!

What Troop 1945 did is just one story of how Girl Scouts are leading like a G.I.R.L (Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-takers and Leaders)™. “Any troop can do this,” troop leader Marian said.

How is your troop leading like a G.I.R.L.? Tell us in the comments below.


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