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The Start of Something Great – Girl Scouts 2016-2017

Troop meetings, friends, traditions and sisterhood – everyone is ready for this time of year! It’s the start of a new Girl Scout year and we couldn’t be more excited! Joining Girl Scouts means that the entire family is helping their Girl Scout become a woman of courage, confidence and character. You’re also joining a global movement to make sure girls have a voice and the ability to do anything she wants. From teambuilding in troop meetings, the leadership that develops as girls try new skills to the courage that builds when girls go outdoors, being a Girl Scout is an adventure waiting to happen!

As your troop looks for new Girl Scout sisters and everyone is re-registering, here are 7 things every troop should do to get you excited about the year!


  1. Meet at least 10 times per year

Girl Scout troop meetings are one of the best things about the beginning of the new GS year. Girls get to work together on badges, service projects and set goals as a team. Troops like 1552 from Eudora, KS work on projects like their ENERGY STEM project last year, Troop 890 from Overland Park, KS will startup their new troop executive board that runs their meetings and Troop 1945 from Kansas City, MO will likely start planning their next awesome service project or trip! New troop leader? Here are some tips to help get you started. We can’t wait to see what great ideas will spring up as girls get together and work to change the world!

Troop Meetings

Girl Scout Troop 1552 says the promise before a troop meeting, spring 2016.


  1. Complete at least one activity plan from each skill-building area

Oh the things a Girl Scout can do! Trying new things and doing skill-building activities are at the heart of Girl Scouts. Older Girl Scouts can help younger Girl Scouts pick out the types of skills they want to learn and plan activities. Check out the online Badge Explorer with your Girl Scout to pick some of the badges she’d like to earn.


  1. Deliver badges to girls when they earn them

Girls love to showing off everything they’ve accomplished and badges are a great way to do that. Sewing on the patches themselves (or with help if they’re a Daisy or Brownie) can add another skill – sewing! Need badges? Get them at our store! Retiring a vest? Check out our past blog post on creative ways to preserve GS memories.


A Daisy Girl Scout shows off all her badges at a World Thinking Day in 2016.

A Daisy Girl Scout shows off all her badges & patches at a World Thinking Day in 2016.


  1. Participate in the Cookie Program

The sweet feeling of success! Introducing girls to business and financial literacy skills early on is a great way to help them be in control of their financial future. The Girl Scout Cookie Program gives girls the opportunity to run their own business, raise funds for troop activities and develop public speaking skills. Participation in the program is one of the best ways to get your Girl Scout – and family – involved. 2017 will introduce a BRAND NEW cookie too – read the GSUSA blog post here!


  1. Attend or hold a family celebration event

Girl Scouts really is a family affair, so we should celebrate together! Invite families to celebrate the successes of their Girl Scouts together. Many troops say that their troop families are their extended family, so make sure to get to know yours.

Gold Award Girl Scout Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff proudly poses for a photo with her family at the Inspire a Girl ceremony in April 2016.

Gold Award Girl Scout Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff proudly poses for a photo with her family at the Inspire a Girl ceremony in April 2016.


  1. Participate in at least one summer outdoor experience

When the weather is hot, so are the opportunities to explore the great outdoors through Girl Scouts! Whether your troop loves camping, wants to take on an adventure program, or just ready to cook some s’mores at one of the Council properties, there are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors.


  1. Learn Girl Scout Traditions

Speaking of s’mores and camping – Girl Scouts is full of rich traditions that we want every Girl Scout to share in. Ceremonies, the Promise, making SWAPS, eating S’mores and joining in a Friendship Circle are all ways to be part of the rich history that is Girl Scouts. If you’re a new troop leader, you can learn more about ceremonies in the Volunteer Essentials Handbook!


Girl Scouts from Service Unit 639 show off the SWAPS they got from other Girl Scouts at Day Camp in July 2016.


 Want to go the extra mile and be a LEAD Troop? Learn about the Ten Essential Elements of a Girl Scout troop and get the checklist here! This program helps recognize awesome troops who do everything they can to create an amazing experience for girls.

These are just 7 suggested things for Girl Scouts to do – but there’s a whole WORLD of opportunity open to girls. There really is no better time to be a Girl Scout. If you register by 10:59p on Sept. 28, 2016, you’ll be eligible to purchase this year’s ON TIME T-shirt! Already have a registered Girl Scout? Consider donating or joining Daisy’s Circle to help provide other girls with the opportunity to be Girl Scouts or sign-up to be a Girl Scout volunteer! Together, we’re going to have the best year of Girl Scouts EVER!

Comment below with what you’re MOST EXCITED for with the new Girl Scout year!




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