6 Reasons Girl Scouts Volunteers ROCK!

We all work together to make the world a place for girls to thrive. Because of Girl Scouts, girls are learning to be leaders, learning business skills and developing self confidence that will carry them through life. But without the dedicated volunteers who create these experiences, girls would not be able to have the awesome Girl Scout experience that changes lives. From August to October GSKSMO is holding 4 regional events to celebrate and recognize our adult volunteers. The Central Region event was held at the end of August and a wonderful time saying THANK YOU for all our Central Region volunteers do (check out photos here)! We hope you join us at the regional events for the North, West and East regions – RSVP today!

While there are thousands of reasons to love our volunteers, here’s six reasons we think Girl Scout volunteers ROCK!!

Nikki Medlock

Central region volunteer, Nikki Medlock, with her four troops from Fort Leavenworth.

  1. They dedicate their time and resources to girls.

Girl Scout volunteers are incredibly resourceful and that often comes with hours of planning, crafting, organizing and/or coordinating to make experiences happen for girls. Our council is constantly working to bring exciting programs and community partner events to girls, but leaders, parents and volunteers make those experiences come to life. Whether it’s a dad driving a carpool to the Swan Lake at Kauffman Center or a mom taking the lead on a nature hike, volunteers make it happen.

Tori Hirner

Central region volunteer, Tori Hirner, a founding member of Daisy’s Circle, with co-leader and troop.

  1. They provide financial gifts in addition to time and energy.

Without volunteer donors, Girl Scouts would not be able to offer innovative programs and experiences that girls need to thrive. Thanks to generous donors and members of Daisy’s Circle, our council is able to keep up with the changing needs of girls and give them the support they need to excel. Donors also make the dream of Girl Scouting a reality for girls all over our council with financial barriers that would otherwise prevent them from being a Girl Scout. That’s thousands of lives changed because of volunteers who give.

joy wilcock

West region volunteer, Joy Wilcock, with her high school Girl Scouts.

  1. They’re fun!

Girl Scouts are happy because they’re surrounded by caring volunteers who make the experience fun. Whether it’s travelling together, visiting Day Camp, learning a new STEM skill or attending a theatrical performance together, volunteers who have fun make girls smile. When an adult cares, girls care about their future. For the millions of smiles and giggles – thank you, volunteers!

Yolanda Huggins photo

West region volunteer, Yolanda Huggins, with Girl Scouts in St. Louis, MO.

  1. They’re innovative!

Some of the best ideas come from volunteers. As a group that works directly with girls, volunteers see things that improve the experience for girls and speak up! We appreciate the suggestions, focus groups and teams volunteers join to improve the overall Girl Scout experience and keep ideas fresh for girls.

Rob Barnett

North region volunteer, Rob Barnett, with his troop in St. Joseph.

  1. They’re Man Enough to be a Girl Scout

Girls need positive male role models and we’re happy to see more men declaring that they’re “Man Enough to be a Girl Scout.” From troop leaders to cookie dads, these male volunteers show girls that men are invested in their future. Thanks to all the guys who step up for the Girl Scouts in their lives.

Christina Roth

East region volunteer, Christina Roth, out on the water.

  1. They’re dedicated.

There’s nothing like a Girl Scout volunteer who sees the power of the program and spreads the word about the amazing things girls are doing. Girl Scout volunteers wear shirts like badges of honor, find ways to incorporate trefoils in everything and wear more green than anyone else! Their excitement is infectious and inspires new volunteers to help the next Daisy troop with their first cookie sale or a Gold Award Girl Scout with her project. Thank you for the dedication you show to girls.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who make the Girl Scout experience what it is. Because of you girls are learning to love STEM, being inspired by a ballet performance, experiencing nature and taking the lead in their own lives. Thank you for all you do!

Don’t miss our remaining regional events:

West Region – Saturday, Sept 10 – Capitol Plaza Hotel, Topeka, KS

North Region – Saturday, Oct 1 – First Baptist Church, Chillicothe, MO

East Region – Thursday, Oct 6 – Hilton Garden Inn, Independence, MO


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