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Anna Vogts final Girl Scout Destinations’ experience

When you love to travel, are an avid outdoorswoman and have a passion for photography, a Girl Scout Destination trip called “Wilderness Photography Adventure” is going to pique your interest. At least it did for Girl Scout Ambassador Anna Vogts!

Anna is no stranger to the Girl Scout Destinations program. Last summer she went on a trip around Central America and studied the habitats and life cycle of sea turtles. (Read all about that trip!) She returned home already dreaming of her next Girl Scout adventure.

On July 3rd,  Anna packed her bags and left the Girl Scout Camp she was working at in Iowa for a week of traveling, camping and photographing around Yosemite National Park in California with nine other Girl Scouts from around the world (one was from Dubai!) and two guides who were professional photographers.

“I had taken photography classes throughout high school and I knew I liked it, but I didn’t realize how much I liked it until this trip,” Anna said.



Before venturing out, their guides went over photography basics – how the camera works and good composition but the idea of the trip was for the girls to learn-by-doing. “Some of the most valuable things I learned were spur of the moment, like how to balance light.”

She was trying to get a picture of a tunnel that had some complicated lighting. In that moment the guides showed Anna how to work the camera and adjust her settings so she could get her desired image!

For six days, Anna hiked around Yosemite National Park, staying at various campgrounds in the park and snapping as many photos as she could. “I feel like I was much more willing to take risks while on this destination,” Anna said.

We think those risks paid off!




Her favorite image she captured is the one above. She entered it in a 4-H competition and it won an award and impressed her photography teacher!

Anna is a senior and will graduate from high school in the spring. “I think I’m most sad realizing that this is my last destination!”

Because of this Girl Scouts Destinations trip, Anna now knows that she wants to minor in photography when she goes to college next fall and eventually teach photography abroad.

“Doing a Destinations trip is one of the most life defining experiences you will have. Without going on my two Destinations I wouldn’t have a clue about what I want to do [in the future].”

November 15 is the first application deadline for 2017 Girl Scout Destinations! Where do you want to travel?


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