For the Love of the Girl Scout Cookie

There is one love that we can all celebrate this Valentine’s Day – the love for those scrumptious Girl Scout Cookies! And this year celebrates 100 years of loving those cookies – 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the first known sale of Girl Scout Cookies.

As of today, all troops in our area will have received their initial order and should be starting to deliver cookies to customers who pre-ordered! If you didn’t pre-order, don’t worry – Girl Scouts have plenty of cookies to go around!

So, how exactly does that box of Girl Scout Cookies get to you? What all is involved?! Well, it’s a labor of love that all starts and ends with a Girl Scout!

  1. Girl Scouts in our council begin taking orders on January 1.
  2. The Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) collects the orders and enters them into an online system.
    {Fun Fact: There are 2,700 TCMs with 1,867 troops in our council!}
  3. The Service Unit Product Sales Manager (SU PSM) reviews every troop’s order and submits to GSKSMO.
    {Fun Fact: We have 63 SU PSMs working with those 2,700 TCMs!}
  4. GSKSMO submits the final order to ABC Bakers.
    {Fun Fact: There are 2 bakers of Girl Scout Cookies in the United States! This is why some Girl Scout Cookies have a different name in other parts of the country!}
  5. ABC Bakers packs all the orders at their facility in South Dakota and ships them to a warehouse in Lenexa, KS!
    {Fun Fact: 173,000 cases were shipped in our initial order this year – that’s 2,076,000 BOXES!}
  6. Our Delivery Agent, Fry Wagner, spends 9 days delivering cookies to the 61 service units in our council!
  7. The SUPSM, along with many volunteers, accepts the delivery at a location where trucks and semis can comfortably navigate – these locations vary and include Fire Stations, Schools, Churches, Community Building and even SU PSM’s homes!
    {Fun Fact: Service Unit 701 placed the largest initial order, receiving 10,700 cases or 120,084 boxes!}
  8. TCMs pick up their troop’s order at the delivery location, then sorts by Girl Scout
  9. Girl Scout receives her order then begins delivery and cash & carry sales!

The first Girl Scout Cookie Sale was done in 1917 to raise money for Girl Scouts to purchase items for care packages to send to soldiers during World War I. Today, 100 years later, Girl Scouts are still using their cookie proceeds to give back – making toys and treats for animals at Wayside Waifs and building gardens at their schools. So while the cookie itself has changed over the past 100 years, its impact has not.

Thank you to the SU PSMs, TCMs and Community Volunteers who support the largest girl-led business in the world!

So when you buy that next box (and the one after that, and the one after that) this season, know that you’re supporting the largest girl-led business in the world, run with the most love to give in the world!

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