Giving Back Through Girl Scout Community Program Partners


Service is a big part of being a Girl Scout. Whether you’re working on a Take Action project to complete a journey or to earn your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award project, working on a badge or just wanting to give back to your community, we have Community Partners who have programs for YOU this fall!

Check out the programs below and click on the partner for more information!

Henry’s Haul – Children

Henry’s Haul began while two-year old Henry was staying at Children’s Mercy Hospital. While kids are being treated, they are sometimes confined to their rooms and beds and unable to get up and play. Henry’s Haul is an item drive that specifically collects Hot Wheels cars for these kids so they are still able to be playful during trying times. Thanks to Girl Scouts, Henry’s Haul has surpassed their goal every year; let’s help them do it again!

What girls will get out of working with Henry’s Haul:  It’s so important to teach youth about giving back. And we love it when young groups get involved with Henry’s Haul. Collecting such a simple item (new, single pack toy cars) for patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital is easy to do. We’ve heard first hand from the girls that they relate to our charity because they are helping kids their own age. Kids still want to be kids even when they’re sick. Henry’s Haul helps to put a smile on their face with a small toy thanks to the help of groups like the Girl Scouts.

“Working with the Girl Scouts allows us to continue our mission and help the ‘kindness matters’ theme of Girl Scouts. Sharing, caring, helping others, building friendships, all of it runs right back into Henry’s Haul and why we do what we do – to help put a smile on a child’s face when they are patients at CMH,” Kristi Lewczenko said.



Synergy Services – Homelessness

There are nearly 2,000 youth in our community who are homeless each night. On Oct. 15 Synergy Services is asking girls to participate in a “sleep-out” to help bring awareness to youth homelessness. Synergy has a step by step guide for leaders to facilitate the conversation and experience for their girls for everyone to get the most out of this experience. If Oct. 15 doesn’t work for your group, you’re encouraged to find a time that works for your troop throughout this season!

What girls will get out of working with Synergy Services: We hope that this partnership will help build awareness for the services Synergy Services offers and provide an experience for the participants that will help them gain skills to assist us in our mission. At Synergy we envision a world without family violence, abuse or neglect.

“The partnership between the Girl Scouts and Synergy is new with our 2016 One Homeless Night event. This opportunity seemed to coordinate well with both organizations missions in helping our surrounding community,” Megan Hanna said.


The Call KC – Homelessness

During the month of October Girl Scouts are invited to collect packs of new socks for The Call KC, to be donated to area homeless shelters! Troops can register through the website and The Call KC will assign a shelter for the items to go to and schedule a delivery date!

What girls will get out of working with The Call KC: We hope that the girls will gain a deeper perspective of what charities and causes are out there. Too many times we stay in our comfort zones when it comes to volunteerism, and so the more we can help people go outside their usual spheres of influence, the larger impact we can have on all involved.

“The Call KC partners with the Girl Scouts because we strive to connect those who want to help improve our community with those who need help doing so. The Girl Scouts have a wonderful dedication to community service and so it was a no-brainer to partner up,” Brent Lager said.


Giving the Basics   Human Dignity Item Drive

Giving the Basics is asking Girl Scouts to host product drives for human dignity items such as deodorant, soaps, toothpaste, feminine products, etc. Item collection can begin now with a final drop-off day on Nov. 5. At that time girls can spend time at the warehouse to count, sort and package items to go to 65 schools, shelters and pantries Giving the Basics serves!

What girls will get out of working with Giving the Basics: We hope that girls will learn compassion for those in need and understand personal hygiene items are not covered by food stamps. 

“Giving the Basics partners with Girl Scouts because of the leadership, dedication, and follow through on commitments when asked to help volunteer with us.  The Girl Scouts work diligently when given a project and give it their up most effort.  They are happy and willing to take on any challenge,” Michele Orpin said.



John Knox Village – Aging Adults

John Knox Village is looking for Girl Scouts of all ages to spend time in their Memory Care Neighborhood with their aging adults! Girls can host game nights, lead a craft, call bingo, sing/dance or just simply spend time with the residents – the opportunities are endless!

What girls will get out of working with John Knox Village: We hope that Girl Scouts will get the feeling that John Knox Memory Care Assisted Living is not a scary place. We want them to know that John Knox is a safe and fun place for the older adult community to belong and that older adults with memory loss are still capable of doing activities.

John Knox Village partners with Girl Scouts as our motto is Enriching Lives, Building Community—as we build community with Girl Scouts we are not only enriching lives of our residents but also the girls’,” Cassie Loewenberg said.


Helping Hands Humane Society – Animals

Located in Topeka, KS, the Helping Hands Humane Society has a variety of programs available specifically for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Cadettes! For Brownie and Cadettes, the program will help them complete steps in earning either the Animal Helper or Pets badge! The Daisy program will teach girls how to read animals and also ties into the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, and 3 Cheers for Animals journey!

What girls will get out of working with Helping Hands: We hope they’ll realize how many homeless pets there are in our community and why we need everyone’s help, including theirs, to take care of them and make sure they get back home or find great new homes. We also hope they will learn more about the human-animal bond and why it’s so special.

“We partner with Girl Scouts because they first approached us about the possibility, and we thought it was a great opportunity to educate girls about animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and what they can do to help animals,” Emi Griess said.


St. Joseph Animal Control & Rescue – Animals

The St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue has a program just for Girl Scout Daisies that ties into the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, and 3 Cheers for Animals journey! Girls will investigate a mock animal control complain and identify the animals whose needs are not being met, tour the shelter and interact with few of the animals!

What girls will get out of working with St. Joseph Animal Shelter: We hope that the Girl Scouts will leave the Safe and Sound Program with a better idea of how an animal shelter operates and help them gain an understanding of how to properly care for animals. While our program does include serious discussions we allow the students to put their knowledge to use in fun activities including an Animal Control Officer investigation.

“St Joseph Animal Control and Rescue partner with Girl Scouts to provide an educational resource for troops to learn about animal care, welfare and safety to work towards earning a badge. We love interacting with the Girl Scouts during our Safe and Sound Program and provide several fun activities for the students to get involved,” Jenna Anthony said.



Wayside Waifs – Animals

As the largest pet adoption campus in Kansas City, Wayside Waifs invites Girl Scouts of all levels to the shelter to lend a hand and learn about the work they do in the community! Don’t be surprised if you come out of the experience with a new family member – it tends to happen, a lot!

What girls will get out of working with Wayside Waifs: We hope the girls will see that volunteering can be a lot of fun and that there is a lot to be said for helping those who cannot help themselves.  We also hope that they will want to come back in the future to volunteer, donate or become a staff member!

“Wayside Waifs partners with Girl Scouts because it is important to inspire and educate our next generation of animal welfare leaders.  We also love working with Girl Scouts because the girls have so much fun giving back to the community, it’s truly a gift,” Amanda Smasal said.

Tell us about some of the Take Action and service projects that your troop has done in the comments below!

Setting Sights on the Sky


Girls in Aviation Day

Inspired to dream big and be bold! More than 200 Girl Scouts joined the Fly Kansas Air Tour at the Museum of the Kansas National Guard and the Combat Air Museum to learn about the opportunities for women in flight. Girls in Aviation Day was an exciting event held on October 1st in Topeka, KS that connected girls to women in aviation who were able to share their experiences as pilots, mechanics and women in the Air Force. It was a day of questions, curiosity and exploration.


The day started in the Museum of the Kansas National Guard with talks and Q & A sessions with female pilots and mechanics who gave girls a quick glance into what life is like in a career in aviation. Mechanic Summer Walters talked about careers in aviation that don’t focus on flying – like repair and making sure the planes are safe. The girls also learned about a cadette program that helps girls with interest in aviation learn about flying while still in high school. Girls had tons of questions – including asking why it’s important to be able to run a mile, what jobs were like and why there are types of uniforms.

After chatting, the girls got to spend time asking pilots about the types of plane they fly on outside under a KC-135! How exciting! They also got to spend time doing a STEM activity about the forces of flight and event explored helicopters, army jeeps and other aircraft and military equipment.


The experience was incredible and Madeline from Troop 1494 in Lenexa summed it up by saying “I’ve had an amazing time. All of the planes are so cool and the women who work for the Air Force are so inspiring.”

At lunchtime the girls moved to the Combat Air Museum and enjoyed their food inside the museum or sitting under the shade of planes! Then it was on to exploring planes and a hot air balloon brought in by the Fly Kansas Air Tour. Pilots stayed by their planes to answer questions and girls got to sit in a brand new Blackhawk helicopter. “[The Combat Air Museum] is right at the end of the runway, so girls get to see planes land, talk to the pilots, learn about the planes, ask all the questions they like and tour the museum,” Kevin Drewelow, the Director of the Combat Air Museum said.


The event was so important that Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback attended and spoke to the importance of women in aviation.  The Director of Aviation for the Kansas Department of Transportation, Merrill Atwater said: “People think aviation is a guy’s profession, but women are often better aviators than men. The person who put this tour together is a woman named Lindsay and she’s a flight instructor and pilot. We want girls to know there are wonderful careers in aviation and that you can see the world from 5,000 feet above.”

The event is important to the museums because they know they can make a lasting impact by inspiring the women of tomorrow to get involved in flight. “Women have been involved in aviation from day 1. Think about Katherine Wright. You always hear about the Wright brothers, but you don’t hear about the Wright sister and what she did to help her brothers. Women have been under represented and under publicized and we’re trying to help correct that,” Kevin Drewelow said.


What an amazing experience for girls. Thank you to the Museum of the Kansas National Guard, the Combat Air Museum and the Fly Kansas Tour for inspiring girls to fly! If your troop experienced Girls in Aviation Day, share your experience in the comments below!

An Out-of-This-World Girl Scout Experience


Girl Scout Katie Blankenship communicates with the International Space Station

Did you know that we have more than 100 Community Partners who have programs available to Girl Scouts of all ages?! Some Community Partner programs tie into Journeys while others help you complete steps in various badge work. Then, there are programs that are just unique, fun and give girls an experience of a lifetime, like Katie Blankenship.

While Becky Blankenship was perusing the Community Partner Program webpage for activities for her troop, she came across the Lawrence Public Library page and saw an opportunity that she couldn’t ignore – the chance to talk directly with an astronaut living on the International Space Station!

While it didn’t work out for other members of her troop to participate, it did for her daughter Katie.

Katie is a fourth generation Girl Scout and is willing to try anything out, as long as Becky talks with her about it before signing her up – you know, like any other teenager! Even though Katie isn’t particularly fascinated with space, she agreed that this was a unique opportunity!


On Sept. 7, the International Space Station was mapped and scheduled to be flying over the Lawrence Public Library, putting it within communication range for approximately 10 minutes. The Library partnered with the Douglas County Amateur Radio Club to make this event possible – using hand radios to talk with the International Space Station – how cool is that?!

Katie was just one of the teens, and only Girl Scout, who actually got to talk to astronaut Takuya Onishi and asked over the hand radio, “how do you deal with mental health issues in space?”

Onishi’s response, “astronauts are very good at coping with stress and we can talk with psychiatrists every other week, so I think we are OK!”

The whole experience was pretty quick. About 7 minutes later the space station had traveled over the horizon and was no longer within communication range.


Click the image above and start at 58:47 to see Katie’s communication with Onishi!

Even though Katie wasn’t particularly interested in space coming into this, she left with a desire to find out more. “I’m interested in learning what it takes to be an astronaut and what kind of schooling they have to do,” she said.

We are so lucky and proud to partner with organizations all around our council that provide experiences to Girl Scouts that peak their interest and get them interested in things they wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise!

So what Community Partner Programs will you register your Girl Scout or troop for? Will she take the stage at one of our Arts & Culture partners, learn the science behind sports at the Arrowhead Take-Over, give back to her community volunteering with nonprofit or just have fun attending the Tour of Gymnastic Champions or the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus?! Let us know in the comments below!

Education for ALL Starts with ONE

A CHAT with Nobel Prize Recipient, Malala Yousafzai

When Malala Yousafzai came to Kansas City in July, she delivered a CHAT of a lifetime to our Girl Scouts in the audience. As the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate and activist for human rights and female education, Malala inspired us all that night at the Chat Series 2.0.

If you’re not familiar with Malala’s story, take the time to learn more about her, she’ll inspire you too.

From the age of 10, Malala was advocating for girls’ right to education in Pakistan when the Taliban was banning them from attending school. At the age 12, while traveling home from school, Malala was shot by the Taliban. She was transported to Birmingham, United Kingdom where she received treatment and made a remarkable recovery. Just a year later she was able to return to school in the UK and has been speaking out on behalf of girls and children everywhere for worldwide access to education.

To say her resume is impressive is an understatement. It includes multiple Nobel Prizes, Anne Frank Award for Courage, Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice, 2012 Person of the Year shortlist, Clinton Global Citizen Award, 2013 Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year, Honorary Doctor of Civil Law at King’s College and the list goes on – about 43 awards and accolades in the past four years, roughly.

Malala was also the subject of the documentary He Named Me Malala and the author of “I Am Malala.” Both of which also had their fair share of recognitions and awards.

During her address at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts on July 19, Malala spoke eloquently and candidly. The beauty of the series in which she spokes is that the audience has the opportunity to ask questions on the spot.

One Girl Scout got up and very bravely and simply asked “does anything still scare you?” Malala’s response – “balloons… and dogs.”

Malala’s casual demeanor impressed Girl Scout Ambassador Ann Marie Hrdy. “She doesn’t get very nervous to talk to world leaders, but at the same time she is afraid of smaller things!”

For a young woman who has experienced so much in her relatively short life, she is courageous. She isn’t afraid of encountering these things again; she’s a person who has simple fears, just like the rest of us!


Thanks to a generous offer from our friends at Hallmark, Girl Scout Cadette Natalie Martinez got to participate in a youth-only roundtable prior to the Chat and actually meet Malala!

“Having the opportunity to meet Malala was a once of a life time experience. Meting her was exciting and fun, and I learned that no gender is superior.” Natalie explained. “What inspired me about Malala was that she stood up for what she believed in – no girls left behind. We all have the right to go to school.”

Malala had so many inspirational quotes that really resonated with girls and adults alike that evening.

“I raise up my voice not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”

“I did not wait for anyone, I said my voice matters.”

“Education is a right, not a privilege.”

“Even death supported my campaign and told me to go back to living.”

“If I am young, that doesn’t mean my voice should be ignored; If I am a woman, that doesn’t mean my voice should be ignored.”

“Politicians ask me if I get nervous. I think they should be nervous.”

“We are all going to work together to make this world the best we can.”

“We share feelings as humans– this is something that connects us. We need to appreciate all we can give each other.”


We were so honored to be a sponsor for this event and bring more than 30 Girl Scouts to this once-in-a-lifetime evening! Let us know which of the above quotes stands out to you in the comments below. Have you seen her documentary or read her book? What inspires YOU about Malala Yousafzai?






A Tale as Old as Time


Girl Scouts take over Starlight Theatre

Some girls, at some point, dream about being a princess who is kind to all people and has the courage to save the world. At Girl Scouts, we believe girls can be whatever they dream, and if being kind to others and changing the world is it (and we sure hope so!) – let’s help them get there. One way is by giving girls really cool experiences they can only get as Girl Scouts.

Thanks to Starlight Theatre, over 50 Girl Scouts got to have their princess and theater dream come true last week at a workshop lead by the traveling company of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, presented by NETworks! This company has been working together for nearly a year and had the pleasure of closing out their tour in Kansas City and sharing all their knowledge and backstage secrets with our girls!

Haley Palmer is the Dance Captain with the production. Since the choreographer and director of the show don’t travel with the cast, her job is to ensure that the dances go exactly how they intended them to go, every single show. Additionally, she is a “swing” and can fill in for any person in the ensemble who has to step into a lead role as an understudy. Haley worked with the girls and taught them the ending choreography to “Be Our Guest” and they performed it on the side stage prior to the start of the show that evening!

Girl Scouts also got to go backstage with the stage manager and production assistant and see all the props, costumes and set up close and personal! The girls were fascinated with all the wigs and costumes that the ensemble changes in and out of during the show. The tour guides offered some really fascinating facts about the show, such as there are no consumable props in this production (no food/drink besides water), that the costume designer won a Tony Award and there are absolutely no photos of the Beast’s mask and makeup due to Disney copyright laws!
Starlight’s Production Manager, Aaron Clark also offered insight into Starlight Theatre’s history and what it takes to host traveling productions like Beauty and The Beast. Often there are more people working backstage than there are actual actors and actresses in the shows! In fact, Starlight hires hundreds of professional stage hands to work the various show throughout the summer!


At the end of the workshop, two company members joined Haley for a question and answer session. One of those company members was someone the girls could really relate to – DJ who plays Chip! They learned that his favorite part of the show is the number that they rehearsed, that it takes lots of practice and dedication to be a performer, especially as a kid in the show. DJ alternates playing Chip with another child actor because they’re both being homeschooled for a majority of the tour. One fact that DJ shared is that he got the role of Chip from auditioning for another role. The director passed him up for the part he auditioned for and later called him to offer him the role as Chip!
We are so appreciative of our partnership with Starlight and the opportunities they provide Girl Scouts with every year! There is still a chance to experience a Girl Scout Night at Starlight Theatre at A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (this show is recommended for Cadettes and older).

Royals Blue and Girl Scout Green = a Beautiful Partnership

Girl Scout Day at the K was a Record-Breaking Success!

Well, 2016 Girl Scout Day at the K is a wrap! Nearly 12,000 Girl Scouts, friends and family descended upon Kauffman Stadium to cheer on our 2015 World Champs as they took on the Houston Astros!

With that many Girl Scouts in one place, it was our largest Girl Scout event of the year and you didn’t have to look far to spot a girl in a Day at the K shirt, uniform or even a homemade shirt to celebrate the occasion!


The Kansas City Royals made sure that everyone else in the stadium knew that it was Girl Scout Day as well!

Girl Scouts who sold 300+ boxes of Girl Scout Cookies not only earned 2 free tickets, but the chance to walk around the field prior to the game!


Our top cookie seller, Girl Scout Cadette Tehya Frederick from KCMO was presented with a baseball autographed by Pitcher, Ian Kennedy prior to the game!

2016-06-26-DayattheK 315

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient, Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff from Parkville, MO threw out the first pitch to Girl Scout Cadette Sarah Barlow from Leavenworth, KS.

2016-06-26-DayattheK 352

The colors were presented by Girl Scout Cadette Troop 1248 from Lee’s Summit, MO during the National Anthem.


In the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat was Gold Award Recipient, Teresa Shockley from Leawood, KS. Teresa’s Gold Award project focuses on providing an alternative coping mechanism for teens suffering from mental illness. She created Little Free Libraries that were stocked with books and music suggestions specifically selected to help teens overcome challenges such as depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Inside each book Teresa included a personal message about why that particular book can help with recovery. Today, there are eight libraries in locations that teens can easily access.

2016-06-26-DayattheK 398

Girl Scout Dad and volunteer CPT Milton L. Lewis II  was recognized in the Salute to Heroes seat! CPT Lewis is Incoming Commander at Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 1st Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, KS.


During the televised broadcast, three Girl Scouts who sold more than 2,000 boxes of cookies  (GS Cadette Rebecca from Spring Hill, KS, Brownie Jaycee from St. Joseph, MO and Daisy Emauri  from Eudora, KS) delivered a sweet snack break to Rex Hudler and Ryan Lefebvre. We found out that Rex is not a Thin Mint man. What? Don’t worry – he loved the Lemonades and did share his family are definitely Thin Mint fans!


What an amazing day that we had AND our Boys in Blue WON! Following the victory a few of our super fans waited patiently to deliver a victory present of Girl Scout Cookies to LORENZO CAIN!


Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in 2016 Girl Scout Day at the K! We want to hear about the memories you made with your girl, family or troop, so be sure to leave those in the comments below!

Be sure to check out all our photos from 2016 Girl Scout Day at the K and feel free to download, print and share!


A Look Inside Cookie Construction: Team Top City


Cookie Construction 2016 is well underway! Teams are meeting, trying out ideas and learning tricks of the trade when it comes to designing buildings…out of Girl Scout Cookie boxes!

We caught up with Team Top City who is working in Topeka, Kansas with mentors Resa Kemper, Jacquelyn Rakoski-Diediker and Mariah Scott.

These mentors are volunteering their time to expose Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts to the build world. While the mentors are participating in the program for the first time this year, they have some Cookie Construction veterans on their team.

2015-10-22 20.07.23

Sarah C. participated last year, and the program left her yearning for more.

“I learned a lot about architecture and I’ve decided I want to be an engineer when I grow up,” Sarah said

According to James, Sarah’s dad, she is really interested in the STEM programming through Girl Scouts.

“Sarah likes the social aspects of Girl scouts but she is hungriest for additional academic and intellectual stimulation. She is fascinated by that stuff so the opportunities for technical information and hands-on activities really interest her,” James said.

Sarah is taking her idea digitally and building it in Sketchup!

Sarah is taking her idea digitally and building it in Sketchup!

Of course the mentors hope that more girls will have a career discovery like Sarah, but that’s not their ultimate goal.

“No matter what they want to do when they grow up, I want to help empower them to know they can become amazing at it,” Resa said.

Mentor and Girl Scout Alumna Jackie sees how being on a Cookie Construction team benefits girls beyond the built world. “I hope that the girls learn how to be an integral part of a large team and about compromising for the benefit of the entire group,” she said.

2015-10-22 18.32.23

Resa shows girls drawings of some projects shes worked on!

This year’s theme for Cookie Construction is Dream. Design. Do. Outdoor Adventure.

Each meeting, 10+ team members are coming to the table with tons of great ideas of how to create a structure out of cookie boxes that fit the theme. As in any situation, it’s tough to incorporate them all into one design. The mentors work with their team to discuss each idea and guide the group to make a collective decision on these design details. But ultimately, it’s the girls’ decision.

Team mentor Mariah is looking forward to seeing it all come together. “In all likely hood that won’t happen until build day, but it is always fascinating to see things come together and see where assumptions were right, and where they weren’t,” she said.

So what exactly does Team Top City plan to build? Well, we can’t tell you, it’s top secret. You’ll have to join us at Crown Center on March 5 for Build Day, when all 7 teams will build their structures using Girl Scout Cookie boxes!

Anna is sketching out some of her design ideas onto grid paper - getting an idea for the scale of the structure they are building!

Anna is sketching out some of her design ideas onto grid paper – getting an idea for the scale of the structure they are building!

Follow Top City and the other teams along on their Cookie Construction journey – we’ll be bringing you stories from each of the teams on the blog as we lead up to the culminating event, Build Day!

Don’t forget to join in on the conversation using #GSCookieBuild!

Cookie Construction 2016: Dream. Design. Do. Outdoor Adventure.



100 Girl Scouts


30 female design professionals


7,000 (empty) boxes of Girl Scout Cookies


2nd Annual Cookie Construction!

This year’s theme is Dream. Design. Do. Outdoor Adventure. For the next five months, Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors will work in seven teams alongside volunteer female design professionals to create three-dimensional structures out of Girl Scout Cookie boxes incorporating the theme. Their work will culminate with Build Day on March 5 at Crown Center where each team will construct their designs to be critiqued by a panel of judges!

Cookie Construction is a collaboration between The American Institute of Architects Kansas City (AIA Kansas City), Women in Design Kansas City (WiD-KC) and Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri and was inspired by a similar partnership between Girl Scouts of North Texas and AIA Dallas.

Our Girl Scouts are working with the best of the best in the field. The 30 female mentors are respected professionals and accomplished architects, interior architects and design professionals in the community. Research tells us when girls see females in their professions, they are more likely to consider them as viable careers for themselves.

While the Cookie Construction is exposing girls to careers in architecture and design and teaching them soft skills, the mentors are also learning their fair share!

“We’re fostering leadership in the girls, but were also fostering leadership within our design community,” Samantha McCloud, Architect at GastingerWalker, AIA Kansas City Associate Director and WiD-KC Chair explained. “Participating in activities like Cookie Construction as young professionals makes it more likely we’ll continue volunteering and giving back the rest of our lives.”

AIA Kansas City is excited to give its members another way to get involved in the community.

“It was a natural fit to partner with Girl Scouts to expose young women to these careers; girls need to see successful women like this,” Tiffany, AIA Kansas City Deputy Director said.

Some of the projects females at the participating firms have worked on include the Kansas City Museum, Roasterie Café, Lakeside Nature Center (International Architects Atelier), Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, Arizona State University Stadium and the University of Kentucky Stadium (HNTB), just to name a few.

“We’re creating awareness for the design field, girls are seeing these buildings and remembering that a woman played a role in building it,” Tori Jacquio, WiD-KC board member said.

Going into the second year Tiffany, Sam and Tori are now seeing the lasting impact this program has on girls. Those who were shy and timid on their teams last year have found their creative voices and are stepping up as leaders on the teams this year.

We can’t wait to see what these teams create on Build Day!

Thank you to the mentors and their architecture and design firms for helping build girls of courage, confidence, and character!


Macrina Abdouch Architect Designer HOK
Elizabeth Amirahmadi Principal Architect International Architects
Claire Ashbrook Architect Strata
Natalie Berg Interior arch/graphic design HOK
Emily Brown Construction Management McCownGordon Construction
Laura Beth Cochran Architect Designer Momenta
Trudy Faulkner Princial Architect Strata
Natalie Gillaspie Interior Designer Momenta
Lauren Harness Architect Designer El Dorado
Sarah Hunting Engineer KH Engineering Group
Erin Hylton Architect Designer International Architects
Tori Jarquio Interior Architect MM Property management
Snehal Kadam Engineer HNTB
Resa Kemper Architect Tevis Architects
Alison Lampier Architect Designer HOK
Sarah Masalskis Interior Architect HNTB
Kate Moeder Interior Architect Hollis & Miller
Erin Mumm Architect Designer International Architects
Megan Pfau Interior Architect HNTB
Jamie Picow Interior Designer DineEquity, Inc.
Jacquelyn Rakoski-Diediker Architect Designer Architect One
Harsha Royyuru Architect Designer HOK
Mariah Scott Architect Designer Treanor
Ashley Simpson Architect Designer HNTB
Molly Smith Interior Architect HNTB
Laura Stockdell Design Engineer Atlantic Engineering
Jaimie Swanepoel Design Engineer Atlantic Engineering
Jessica Symons Architect Designer Treanor KC
Emily Tilgner Engineer McCownGordon Construction

Follow the progress right here on the GSKSMO Blog and through our social media #gscookiebuild