Rounding Up World Thinking Day Events!

Where in the world are Girl Scouts? All over our council Girl Scouts have been jumping on virtual planes, hiking invisible mountains and sailing across imaginary seas to learn about different countries and people around the world. It’s because of World Thinking Day events that girls are able to have this awesome exploration in just a few hours! Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and Girl Scout troops, World Thinking Day events are helping girls connect with cultures around the globe.

So what are World Thinking Day events? Generally, World Thinking Day events are hosted by an older Girl Scout troop with the support of adult volunteers within the service unit. Then the fun begins as each troop draws or is assigned a country to research. It’s up to the troop on how they want to learn about and celebrate the country, but at the end, all the troops come together, set up their booths and take turns traveling around the room and shopping. If a troop makes a SWAP or small item, girls can purchase these items (usually for 1-2 quarters) and fill bags with items from around the world. In many service units, the funds raised from the sales are donated to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund, which helps girls travel the world or another charity.

World Thinking Day events ar e also awesome opportunities for girl leadership. Troop 108 from SU 694 in Overland Park, KS hosted their event as their Bronze Award project! We loved the little passports participating Girl Scouts received.

It’s a great way to not only bring together troops, but different cultures! We loved how SU 639 in Overland Park hosted a parade of flags where each country was represented. SU 805 in Maryville also had tables for each country and girls gave presentations! If you want to talk about YUMMY, SU 684 in Paola/Louisburg, had so many treats available, it was hard to try them all. SU 820 in Chillicothe, Princeton & surrounding areas had their event at North Central Missouri College and welcomed two international students (from Zimbabwe and Curacao) to speak!

Taking a different approach, SU 816 in Albany, Bethany & Grant City took troops to the Emerald Isle in an Ireland themed World Thinking Day. Girls kissed a Blarney stone (ps: you have to hang upside down from a castle for the real one, so they recreated it with a chair and fake stone!) and learned a step dance. So cool! SU 701 in Topeka, KS also got girls involved by having hands on activities in their multi-country World Thinking Day. SU 635 in Shawnee Mission got a little theatrical with their World Thinking Day by having troops prepare short presentations that they shared in front of an audience.

And some more shout-outs… We love SU 640 in Raytown Missouri’s use of photo props. Those France photo frames and mustaches are awesome! Way to go, GS Cadette Troop who planned and hosted this event. Girl Scouts from SU 607 in Kansas City put so much research into their displays. They went all out wearing attire and sharing food from their country. They also had awesome photo frames and props to celebrate and remember the day. Thanks, Hollie Miller for taking and sharing your great photos with us!

SU 704 in Manhattan, KS kicked off the Thinking Day season with their awesome and packed event on January 28th. SU 634 in Overland Park had a great event with rave reviews on the treats. Come on… that chocolate fountain in Switzerland is just delicious! And, SU 638 in Overland Park took us from China to Barbados to Bangladesh. What a tour! We’re exhausted!!

Wow – what amazing events and learning opportunities for girls!

Super shout out to all the awesome volunteers, parents, friends and Girl Scouts who make these events possible every year. Together, we’re making the world seem a little bit smaller and celebrating what makes us different and seeing what makes us so alike.

Check out this slideshow of World Thinking Day photos!

Celebrate the Power of G.I.R.L.s During Girl Scout Week!

Girl Scouts has been doing some pretty amazing things in 105 years. From outdoor adventures, to STEM education to service and helping girls become G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, Leaders)TM, Girl Scouts knows that the power of the future lies in the girls of today.

Since we love a good celebration, we’re celebrating the birthday of Girl Scouts (March 12) ALL WEEK LONG! We hope you’ll join us by participating in our themed days below. Don’t forget to share all your Girl Scouting adventures during Girl Scout week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Use #beGSgreen).

Search the #beGSgreen to see everything going on around the council for this celebration.

Here are a few ways to show your Girl Scout pride March 12-18:

(PS: Don’t forget to share your photos with us @gsksmo (Instagram/Twitter)! Tag it with #beGSgreen and visit our FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages!)

Activities below that are underlined & italicized indicate a CHANCE TO WIN a great prize!

Sunday, March 12 – Girl Scout Sunday – Celebrate your faith!

Monday, March 13 – Celebrate your Girl Scout Family & Wear your Girl Scout Uniform or T-shirt Day!

  • Moms and dads, brothers and sisters, grandmas, grandpas and other caregivers – being a Girl Scout is a family experience!
  • Share that favorite story and photo – camping fun, FROG dances, field trips, cookies and more! Family members make Girl Scouting possible!
  • Every story and photo shared will be entered for a chance to win a family gift basket from the GS Shop.

Tuesday, March 14 – Celebrate Outdoor Fun & Adventure!

  • Take the outdoors pledgeand share it with others
  • Share your troop photos of the Adventure Program and one troop will win 5 spots to a spring program (Brownie – Ambassador Girl Scouts)
  • Share your summer camp stories (one Girl Scout will win a $150 credit toward a mini or resident camp session for this summer)

Wednesday, March 15 – Celebrate STEM Innovation and Arts & Culture Day!

  • Share your photos from the inventions or art projects you have created, field trips to the theater, museums and STEM partner locations. By sharing and entering, one troop will receive $50 toward a STEM or Arts & Culture Field Trip.

 Thursday, March 16 – Daisy’s Circle Day – Bring Her Promise to Life!

  • If you are a member of Daisy’s Circle, wear your pin today!
  • Invite someone to learn more and join
  • Share why you are proud to be a part of Daisy’s Circle on social media
  • Learn more and join– great member incentives!

Friday, March 17 & Saturday, March 18 – Celebrating Service to Others

  • Make sure you’ve logged your project for Inspire a Girl Service to Others Month!
  • Partner with one of our Community Partners (service) to make a difference.
  • All Girl Scouts who complete and log their projects by March 31 will receive their Inspire a Girl Service to Others Month patch.

We can’t wait to see all the awesome photos and activities that Girl Scouts participate during Girl Scout Week. Take a moment to thank that special Girl Scout and Girl Scout volunteer in your life for their service.  Together, we can make the world a better place for girls.

Have a great Girl Scout Week story to share? Comment below!

One Smart Cookie

Spotlighting: Service Unit 682’s Product Sales Manage Jim Savage

It’s cookie time! As girls are out building their business skills, earning proceeds and delivering cookies, volunteers are behind the scenes making it possible. Product Sales Managers (PSMs) are service unit level volunteers who manage the Cookie Program for their areas. One of our amazing PSMs is Jim Savage, a police officer, Eagle Scout and Girl Scout dad from Gardner, KS. Jim works tirelessly to provide an exceptionally organized program that helps girls learn vital business skills.

Jim Savage loves Scouting and knows the power of this program firsthand. As an Eagle Scout, he learned many life skills that propelled him toward success. “What I tell people is – this is a program that will stay with you for the rest of your life,” Jim said. With such a belief in the program, it’s no wonder that all four of the Savage children are involved in Scouting.

 Maggie (14), Darby (10) and Kinsey (8) are all Girl Scouts and Jimmy (6) is a new Tiger Scout. In addition to his Girl Scout volunteer roles, Jim is Den Leader for Jimmy’s troop and is wife, Becky, leads Kinsey’s Troop 3140 and is the asst. leader for Darby’s Troop 1634! Even with busy schedules – like Darby’s 16hr/wk competitive gymnastics commitments, they value Girl Scouts because it helps their kids in their own ways. While the Silver Award helped Maggie break out of her shell, a more competitive, outgoing Darby has learned to cooperate and share leadership roles with others in her troop.

Jim decided to become PSM 4 years ago after serving as Troop Cookie Dad with Maggie’s Troop 1200. He saw the power of the Cookie Program and an opportunity to use his skills to run it in a professional manner. “I’ve seen the effects of disorganization in other endeavors, so I approach the Cookie Program almost as a profession,” Jim said. This dedication makes Jim an exceptional PSM.

Making sure parents are connected and engaged is a particularly important to Jim because he knows it improves the experience for the girls. “It’s been my experience that when parents have a bad experience, they pull their kids from the program. I want to make sure that not only do the kids have a good time, but the parents are informed, engaged and happy for their girls,” Jim said.

Jim gets the most satisfaction from the Cookie Program when he sees girls learning the 5 Skills. “I want to make it a fun and fair program for all the girls […] and make sure the troops are talking about the 5 Skills. I love seeing the older girls help with accounting and using the skills they’ve learned,” Jim said.

“The Cookie Program is one program, but fits every girl differently. From Daisy to Ambassador Girl Scouts, you can alter it to get the results each girl needs […] so every girl gets a different experience and reaches goals she chooses,” Jim said.

In addition to being a resource for parents, Jim feels good knowing he’s a positive male role model for girls who may not have that influence in their lives. “I love having the opportunity to be a role model in our community, especially for girls that don’t have a male role model. I love talking to the girls and being able to provide them guidance,” Jim said.

At the end of the day, being involved with Girl Scouts means more time for Jim to spend with his daughters. As a dad, he hopes other dads see the opportunities Girl Scouts provides for dads to spend valuable time with their children. “…just because it says ‘Girl Scouts’ doesn’t mean dads can’t be part of it. Dads like to be involved with their daughters…and it doesn’t have to just be moms and girls […] It’s an invaluable opportunity because you can never have too much time with your kids,” Jim said.

We thank the entire Savage family for their incredible dedication to girls and making the Cookie Program an incredible learning opportunity for their service unit. He’s certainly earned the title “Man Enough to be a Girl Scout!” If you know of another awesome Girl Scout volunteer or dad, comment below!

All the Reasons to Camp Like a Girl Scout this Summer!

Camping has long been an aspect of Girl Scouting. Girl Scout Camp is where your G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)™ will lead like a Girl Scout.

Because at Girl Scout camp, she will be:

A GO-GETTER: Determined to succeed. Bold. Honest. Fair. Ambitious.

An INNOVATOR: Creative. Will think outside the box. Use resources wisely. Experiment.

A RISK-TAKER: Try new things. Be courageous. Step up. Discover. Embrace the unfamiliar.

A LEADER: Confident. Responsible. Empathetic. Advocate. Empowers others.

Because when she camps like a Girl Scout, she empowers herself for life.

We’re excited to announce that registration for 2017 Summer Camp is now open! We have some new and exciting programs and sessions that we want to make you aware of!

Badges – In most programs, girls will complete steps and earn a badge at resident camp. In all programs, girls will complete steps in additional badges that coincide with girl-led activities!

Teens Only Session – Session 4 (July 6 – 14 & July 9 -14) features programs just for girls going into 6th grade or higher! Teens will rule Camp Daisy and will enjoy connecting with other teens!

Extended Programming – throughout the summer are some extended programs, mostly for teen Girl Scouts, to build skills and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Journeys! – Complete your Sow What Journey (9 – 12 grade) or Breathe Journey (6 – 8 grade) at camp this summer!

Excursions – Learn skills at Camp Daisy, then take them offsite with our resident camp staff and do adventure activities, kayak on a lake (Kayak Kansas), problem solve on a high ropes course (Challenge Accepted) and more!

Mini Camp – for Brownies & Juniors who are new to outdoor experiences and overnights away from home. These two-night experiences will give her a taste of summer camp and leave her wanting more!

We know that choosing to send your Girl Scout to resident camp is a big decision for both you and your girl, so take sure that you both take the Camp Readiness Quiz on page 4 & 5 in our 2017 Summer Camp Digital Guide! If the results indicate that either one of you aren’t quite ready, think about going to camp WITH your Girl Scout!

You & Me: Ladies is for Girl Scouts in K-3 grade and a female caregiver in her life!

You & Me: Gentlemen is for Girl Scouts of all ages and male role model in her life

S’mores & More is for the whole family! Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends!

We asked our Resident Camp Director Marley Parsons (aka Ferris) why she is so passionate about camp and why it’s so beneficial for girls to go to Girl Scout Resident Camp. As a lifelong Girl Scout and lover of the outdoors, she passed along some great resources to reference when considering summer camp!


More than S’mores – In 2014, Girl Scouts of the USA published a study by the Girl Scout Research Institute called More than S’mores. For this study they talked to nearly 3,000 Girl Scouts in fourth-through-eighth-grade about their outdoor experiences

American Camp Association (ACA)-  Camp Daisy Hindman is accredited by the American Camp Association. The ACA is a community of camp professionals who, for over 100 years, have joined together to share their knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. On their website is a great article called The Case for Camp- Why Kids Need it Now More Than Ever.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your Girl Scout registered for Summer Camp! The first 400 girls who register for any camp program (You & Me, S’mores & More, Mini or Resident Camp) will receive this limited edition Camp Daisy bandana!

Getting Her Adrenaline Rush


Emily Pine’s Girl Scout Destination Experience

There is something so incredibly special that happens when a girl goes on a Girl Scout Destination trip. She comes back a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader. She returns as a G.I.R.L.!

Girl Scout Senior Emily Pine did…twice.

This summer Emily embarked on her second Destination trip – Adrenaline Rush. For eight days she traveled with 15 other Girl Scouts from around the country and three adult guides through Georgia and North Carolina doing all kinds of activities that most definitely got her adrenaline going!

She soared on a 30-foot long zipline.

Canoed, kayaked, did archery and riflery activities.

Tried her hand at woodworking.

Let loose on a giant swing.

Toured a cave and went spelunking.

White water rafted.

Climbed a 20-foot tree.

And more.

While Emily was looking forward to all these experiences, she was most intrigued about the spelunking adventure – something she had never done before. She embraced the close quarters, followed the guides lead and got her exploration on – proclaiming herself the dirtiest in the group from climbing, crawling and slithering her way throughout the cave!

“It was fan-tab-umazing! Yes, I know that’s not a word….”

(We think she is saying that it was fantastic, fabulous and amazing all at once!)


Emily knows that she has grown as a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader) from her first Destination experience to this one. “Last year I didn’t really want to talk to anybody. This year I put my stuff away immediately and went out and started talking to girls.”

Her mother, Janet also sees that growth in Emily.

“I think Destinations are really good for her and gets her out of her comfort zone. She’s more timid when I’m around, but when I’m not there she blossoms. The more experiences like that she can have the better for her,” Janet explained.

Emily still has three summers to fill with Destination experiences, if she chooses! Along with thinking about her Gold Award and other activities where she will lead like a Girl Scout – like working at a camp and teaching younger girls about adventure activities!

“I enjoy Girl Scouts more because of Girl Scout Destinations. These trips show me there are adventures in the world to be had,” Emily said!

There is still time to apply for a Girl Scout Destination for summer 2017 – the next deadline is Feb. 15!

Finding Her Passion


Anna Vogts final Girl Scout Destinations’ experience

When you love to travel, are an avid outdoorswoman and have a passion for photography, a Girl Scout Destination trip called “Wilderness Photography Adventure” is going to pique your interest. At least it did for Girl Scout Ambassador Anna Vogts!

Anna is no stranger to the Girl Scout Destinations program. Last summer she went on a trip around Central America and studied the habitats and life cycle of sea turtles. (Read all about that trip!) She returned home already dreaming of her next Girl Scout adventure.

On July 3rd,  Anna packed her bags and left the Girl Scout Camp she was working at in Iowa for a week of traveling, camping and photographing around Yosemite National Park in California with nine other Girl Scouts from around the world (one was from Dubai!) and two guides who were professional photographers.

“I had taken photography classes throughout high school and I knew I liked it, but I didn’t realize how much I liked it until this trip,” Anna said.



Before venturing out, their guides went over photography basics – how the camera works and good composition but the idea of the trip was for the girls to learn-by-doing. “Some of the most valuable things I learned were spur of the moment, like how to balance light.”

She was trying to get a picture of a tunnel that had some complicated lighting. In that moment the guides showed Anna how to work the camera and adjust her settings so she could get her desired image!

For six days, Anna hiked around Yosemite National Park, staying at various campgrounds in the park and snapping as many photos as she could. “I feel like I was much more willing to take risks while on this destination,” Anna said.

We think those risks paid off!




Her favorite image she captured is the one above. She entered it in a 4-H competition and it won an award and impressed her photography teacher!

Anna is a senior and will graduate from high school in the spring. “I think I’m most sad realizing that this is my last destination!”

Because of this Girl Scouts Destinations trip, Anna now knows that she wants to minor in photography when she goes to college next fall and eventually teach photography abroad.

“Doing a Destinations trip is one of the most life defining experiences you will have. Without going on my two Destinations I wouldn’t have a clue about what I want to do [in the future].”

November 15 is the first application deadline for 2017 Girl Scout Destinations! Where do you want to travel?


Giving Back Through Girl Scout Community Program Partners


Service is a big part of being a Girl Scout. Whether you’re working on a Take Action project to complete a journey or to earn your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award project, working on a badge or just wanting to give back to your community, we have Community Partners who have programs for YOU this fall!

Check out the programs below and click on the partner for more information!

Henry’s Haul – Children

Henry’s Haul began while two-year old Henry was staying at Children’s Mercy Hospital. While kids are being treated, they are sometimes confined to their rooms and beds and unable to get up and play. Henry’s Haul is an item drive that specifically collects Hot Wheels cars for these kids so they are still able to be playful during trying times. Thanks to Girl Scouts, Henry’s Haul has surpassed their goal every year; let’s help them do it again!

What girls will get out of working with Henry’s Haul:  It’s so important to teach youth about giving back. And we love it when young groups get involved with Henry’s Haul. Collecting such a simple item (new, single pack toy cars) for patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital is easy to do. We’ve heard first hand from the girls that they relate to our charity because they are helping kids their own age. Kids still want to be kids even when they’re sick. Henry’s Haul helps to put a smile on their face with a small toy thanks to the help of groups like the Girl Scouts.

“Working with the Girl Scouts allows us to continue our mission and help the ‘kindness matters’ theme of Girl Scouts. Sharing, caring, helping others, building friendships, all of it runs right back into Henry’s Haul and why we do what we do – to help put a smile on a child’s face when they are patients at CMH,” Kristi Lewczenko said.



Synergy Services – Homelessness

There are nearly 2,000 youth in our community who are homeless each night. On Oct. 15 Synergy Services is asking girls to participate in a “sleep-out” to help bring awareness to youth homelessness. Synergy has a step by step guide for leaders to facilitate the conversation and experience for their girls for everyone to get the most out of this experience. If Oct. 15 doesn’t work for your group, you’re encouraged to find a time that works for your troop throughout this season!

What girls will get out of working with Synergy Services: We hope that this partnership will help build awareness for the services Synergy Services offers and provide an experience for the participants that will help them gain skills to assist us in our mission. At Synergy we envision a world without family violence, abuse or neglect.

“The partnership between the Girl Scouts and Synergy is new with our 2016 One Homeless Night event. This opportunity seemed to coordinate well with both organizations missions in helping our surrounding community,” Megan Hanna said.


The Call KC – Homelessness

During the month of October Girl Scouts are invited to collect packs of new socks for The Call KC, to be donated to area homeless shelters! Troops can register through the website and The Call KC will assign a shelter for the items to go to and schedule a delivery date!

What girls will get out of working with The Call KC: We hope that the girls will gain a deeper perspective of what charities and causes are out there. Too many times we stay in our comfort zones when it comes to volunteerism, and so the more we can help people go outside their usual spheres of influence, the larger impact we can have on all involved.

“The Call KC partners with the Girl Scouts because we strive to connect those who want to help improve our community with those who need help doing so. The Girl Scouts have a wonderful dedication to community service and so it was a no-brainer to partner up,” Brent Lager said.


Giving the Basics   Human Dignity Item Drive

Giving the Basics is asking Girl Scouts to host product drives for human dignity items such as deodorant, soaps, toothpaste, feminine products, etc. Item collection can begin now with a final drop-off day on Nov. 5. At that time girls can spend time at the warehouse to count, sort and package items to go to 65 schools, shelters and pantries Giving the Basics serves!

What girls will get out of working with Giving the Basics: We hope that girls will learn compassion for those in need and understand personal hygiene items are not covered by food stamps. 

“Giving the Basics partners with Girl Scouts because of the leadership, dedication, and follow through on commitments when asked to help volunteer with us.  The Girl Scouts work diligently when given a project and give it their up most effort.  They are happy and willing to take on any challenge,” Michele Orpin said.



John Knox Village – Aging Adults

John Knox Village is looking for Girl Scouts of all ages to spend time in their Memory Care Neighborhood with their aging adults! Girls can host game nights, lead a craft, call bingo, sing/dance or just simply spend time with the residents – the opportunities are endless!

What girls will get out of working with John Knox Village: We hope that Girl Scouts will get the feeling that John Knox Memory Care Assisted Living is not a scary place. We want them to know that John Knox is a safe and fun place for the older adult community to belong and that older adults with memory loss are still capable of doing activities.

John Knox Village partners with Girl Scouts as our motto is Enriching Lives, Building Community—as we build community with Girl Scouts we are not only enriching lives of our residents but also the girls’,” Cassie Loewenberg said.


Helping Hands Humane Society – Animals

Located in Topeka, KS, the Helping Hands Humane Society has a variety of programs available specifically for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Cadettes! For Brownie and Cadettes, the program will help them complete steps in earning either the Animal Helper or Pets badge! The Daisy program will teach girls how to read animals and also ties into the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, and 3 Cheers for Animals journey!

What girls will get out of working with Helping Hands: We hope they’ll realize how many homeless pets there are in our community and why we need everyone’s help, including theirs, to take care of them and make sure they get back home or find great new homes. We also hope they will learn more about the human-animal bond and why it’s so special.

“We partner with Girl Scouts because they first approached us about the possibility, and we thought it was a great opportunity to educate girls about animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and what they can do to help animals,” Emi Griess said.


St. Joseph Animal Control & Rescue – Animals

The St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue has a program just for Girl Scout Daisies that ties into the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, and 3 Cheers for Animals journey! Girls will investigate a mock animal control complain and identify the animals whose needs are not being met, tour the shelter and interact with few of the animals!

What girls will get out of working with St. Joseph Animal Shelter: We hope that the Girl Scouts will leave the Safe and Sound Program with a better idea of how an animal shelter operates and help them gain an understanding of how to properly care for animals. While our program does include serious discussions we allow the students to put their knowledge to use in fun activities including an Animal Control Officer investigation.

“St Joseph Animal Control and Rescue partner with Girl Scouts to provide an educational resource for troops to learn about animal care, welfare and safety to work towards earning a badge. We love interacting with the Girl Scouts during our Safe and Sound Program and provide several fun activities for the students to get involved,” Jenna Anthony said.



Wayside Waifs – Animals

As the largest pet adoption campus in Kansas City, Wayside Waifs invites Girl Scouts of all levels to the shelter to lend a hand and learn about the work they do in the community! Don’t be surprised if you come out of the experience with a new family member – it tends to happen, a lot!

What girls will get out of working with Wayside Waifs: We hope the girls will see that volunteering can be a lot of fun and that there is a lot to be said for helping those who cannot help themselves.  We also hope that they will want to come back in the future to volunteer, donate or become a staff member!

“Wayside Waifs partners with Girl Scouts because it is important to inspire and educate our next generation of animal welfare leaders.  We also love working with Girl Scouts because the girls have so much fun giving back to the community, it’s truly a gift,” Amanda Smasal said.

Tell us about some of the Take Action and service projects that your troop has done in the comments below!

Kicking off the Year with Money in the Bank

September, one of our favorite months of the year! It’s when Girl Scouts are reconvening, new troops are forming and girls are making big plans for what they want their Girl Scout year to look like!  Most of those big plans also come with a price tag, that’s why troops participate in the fall product sales program, Candy, Nuts and Magazine!

fb-cnm2016With the Candy, Nuts and Magazine program, you don’t have to wait for cookie season to get here for your troop to start earning money or your girl to earn funds to help cover the cost of your big Girl Scout plans.

Here are the 3 ways to put money in the bank with your program participation:

  1. Camping Credit:

For every $500 in sales your troop has a whole, you will receive 10% of that in camping credit to be used at any of our council properties! For example, if your troop sells $1,000 worth of items, they will receive $100 to use towards renting a permatent, a-frame or building starting Nov. 1, 2016!

  1. Troop Proceeds:

Troops receive proceeds for every item sold! For every candy or nut item the troop receives $1, for each magazine subscription/renewal you earn $2 and for all photo keepsake item sold, the troop earns $2.50!

  1. Fall Funds and/or Recognitions:

Similar to the Cookie Program, girls can earn recognition items and/or Fall FUNds! Recognition items start at just 2 magazine/photo items sold and each level is cumulative so the sky is the limit on what girls can earn!

In 2015, Daisy Troop 3468 sold $3,238 in the Candy, Nuts and Magazine Program! This earned them $300 worth of camping credits and $403.50 in troop proceeds; that’s over $700 they had to pay for activities throughout the year! For troop leader Dr. Becky Bruce, this was a welcomed influx of funds.

Her troop used their camping credit to camp, not once but twice and then used their troop proceeds to cover the cost of food at those campouts and for a winter party at Skate City!  “If we hadn’t participated in the Candy, Nuts and Magazine Program last year we would likely not have been able to have a winter party and would have had to wait until we received cookie proceeds before we could have a camp out. Since we had the proceeds from these two fundraisers we haven’t had to charge the girls for anything at all this year!”


For Girl Scout Cadette Katie Blankenship, participating in the program helped her and three of her Girl Scout sisters in Troop 773 travel with GSKSMO to Savannah, GA – the birthplace of Girl Scouting! These Girl Scouts used their Fall FUNds they individually received as well as their troop proceeds!

“In heading towards Savannah, GA this past summer, we were looking at a huge amount of money to raise to take four girls and three adults,” troop leader Becky Blankenship explained. “Having the fall funds meant a little less that we had to worry about, it was truly a help!”


So what will your troop do with all that they earn this year? Will they take multiple campouts like Troop 3468 or go on a council-sponsored trip like Troop 773? Maybe they’ll use your troop proceeds to try a new adventure program or cover their new level materials from the shop!

Whatever it is you want to do, don’t delay in participating! Orders should be submitted to troop leaders by Oct. 12 and turned into the service unit product sales manager by Oct. 14. Products will be delivered to service units and troops the week of Nov. 9.

5 Inspiring Women to be for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, we’re sure that your Girl Scout has already started thinking about what she wants to dress up as! Well, we’re here to give you some additional ideas to throw into the mix – because your girl is one of courage, confidence, and character and she needs you to make sure that she knows all her options to show those characteristics on Halloween, and EVERY day of the year!

If she’s thinking about being a zoologist…

goodall_38Jane Goodall

In 1960, Jane Goodall set out to study the chimpanzee community in Tanzania. When Jane was only in her 20s, she was doing research that many scientists didn’t think was possible and doing it without a formal college education. Her major finding was that chimpanzees are capable of rational thought and emotions like humans. Today Jane is 82 and still fighting and standing up for the primates that she has grown and taught others to love.

“The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves” – Jane Goodall.


If she’s thinking about being an artist…

“Frida on White Bench,” photograph by Nickolas Muray, 1939. Submitted image

Frida Kahlo

One of the most famous Mexican painters, Frida Kahlo is best known for her self-portraits. She was a brave woman who was met with many health challenges, always painting her way through them and using art to bring her joy and tell her story. More than 50 years later, her paintings continue to inspire and inform.

“I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.” – Frida Kahlo


If she’s thinking about being a race car driver…

danicaDanica Patrick

Danica has been a professional race car driver since 2005 when she was just 23 years old. She is the most successful woman in the history of open-wheel racing and is the only woman to win an IndyCar Series Race. Today Danica competes in NASCAR races. You have a chance to meet and talk to Danica on Oct. 15 at Girl Scout Day at Kansas Speedway!

“Find what you enjoy – whether it’s racing, flying a helicopter, being a doctor, or stitching clothes together. Once you’ve done that, you have the passion you need.” –Danica Patrick


If she’s thinking about being a ballerina…

270082_245837052095786_4866735_n-1Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland is one of the most revered dancers of her generation. She started taking ballet classes at the Boys and Girls Club she attended when she was 13. Her teacher at the club noticed that Misty was a natural when it came to performing choreographed movement and dancing en pointe after minimal training. In 2015 she became the first African-American woman appointed principal with the American Ballet Theatre, one of the three leading classical ballet companies in the United States.

“The path to your success is not as fixed and inflexible as you think.” –Misty Copeland


If she’s thinking about being a princess/queen…

07_30_2012_queen-elizabeth-larping1Queen Elizabeth I

When she assumed the throne in 1558, she was only 25 years old and unmarried which was very uncommon at that time. Her coming to rule is a fascinating story. Queen Elizabeth spoke 5 languages when few women were even taught to read and led a nation when men were considered superior. Her reign is known as the “Golden Age,” a time that saw the birth of Shakespeare, the defeat of the Spanish Armada and England’s emergence as a world power.

“A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing.” –Queen Elizabeth I


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Standing Atop the Medal Podium with Courage, Confidence, and Character



While everyone knows that Michael Phelps has 28 medals and is the most decorated Olympian of all time, you may not know that our council also has a decorated swimmer in our Girl Scout family. Allison VanHoesen qualified and competed in the Trisomy Games this summer.

We brought you Allison’s very special story back in February while she was still training at the Blue Springs YMCA. For Allison, The Trisomy Games are her Olympics and the competition to be in if you have Down Syndrome.


Allison, her Coach, Julie and Mother, Kindra all headed to Florence, Italy last month for Allison’s first international competition. Their trip got a bit of a rocky start when one of their domestic flights was cancelled, causing them to miss their connecting flight overseas and the airline subsequently cancelling their return tickets home. You may have seen the story on FOX4.

While blissfully unaware that she was essentially stranded in Italy, Allison swam her heart out.

Just like any other Mom, Kindra just wants to see her daughter have fun. “When we decided to go my hope was that she wouldn’t come in last.  After the first day it was apparent that she has a lot of potential to do very well internationally.”

While winning medals is exciting, Allison is more interested in competing with herself. She is always trying to break her personal records. While at the Trisomy Games, she did just that – breaking her 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke records.

“To see her go compete against other women twice her age (or more) and do well was amazing.  She finished 12th in the world for the 50m backstroke and 13th in the 100m backstroke,” Kindra said.


Thanks to FOX4 Problem Solvers and Expedia, the three ladies were able to make it back to the states. This was an experience of a lifetime for Allison, Julie and Kindra. A high-stress experience for the adults, but one that Allison blissfully swam through. She is coming home with new personal records, silver and bronze medal and with a new appetite for Italian food – especially gelato.

Now home, Allison has been watching the Olympics just like the rest of the nation, paying special attention to Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin! She’ll start swimming again in September with her eyes on the next world championships in Truro Nova Scotia in July 2018. Allison will have to work to qualify for the Trisomy Games again, but we know that won’t be a problem for her!


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